Microsoft: All devices can now be upgraded to Windows 10 v2004

Everyone can reap in the benefits of the latest Windows 10 update now!

Today, Microsoft announced that the Windows 10 Version 2004 feature update has now been added to the broad deployment channel and is open to everyone through Windows Update.

Microsoft officially started to deploy Windows 10 Version 2004 feature updates in May last year, but due to various compatibility issues, not everyone can get them. Under normal circumstances, when the feature update is just launched, Microsoft will choose to release it through targeted deployment, so as to test the quality of the feature update on the target machines.

windows 10 21h1 new start menu

After confirming that the Windows 10 feature update can be deployed on most or all devices, Microsoft will add it to the broad deployment channel.

This means that all devices can be updated to Windows 10 Version 2004 through Windows Update, except for a few devices that have compatibility issues due to hardware issues.

windows 10 21h1 update tiles changes

Since the previous update had major problems, the updates of Microsoft Windows 10 since then have been very cautious in their release cycle. They are all partially open to push and then expand the scope a little bit. As of the time of writing this article I am myself personally updating my work machine to the new feature update!

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Microsoft: All devices can now be upgraded to Windows 10 v2004

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