Samsung announces that it will stop providing security updates for 4 mid-range models!

A very unwelcome move from Samsung!

Samsung recently made some changes to the list of devices for monthly security updates. In the list four mobile phones released in 2017 were deleted from the support list. They are Galaxy J3 Pop, Galaxy A3 2017, Galaxy A5. 2017, Galaxy A7 2017.

samsung system updates stopped for some devices

It is worth mentioning that Samsung also deleted the Galaxy Fold 5G from the list. But it should have been deleted by mistake, and it has now been added back.

In addition, Samsung has moved the Galaxy A8 2018 from the monthly update plan to the quarterly update list; Galaxy A8s has been moved to the “other regular” patch list.

We do understand that if there is no security update, then the possibility of discovering vulnerabilities in the OS version running on the device will increase. The 4 mobile phones that Samsung deleted this time have all been discontinued, and their real-world users are not high in number, so Samsung made the decision to stop supporting them.

But at the same time, it sets a bad precedent for a lot of future buyers. Because they can never know when their device might stop being supported by the regular security update list. So guys what do you think about this situation? Do you feel that Samsung has done right in this case? Or do you think this situation will lead to other Android manufacturers also doing the same? Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and our push notifications in order to receive more such articles on a daily basis! Stay Inspired to Rise!

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Samsung announces that it will stop providing security updates for 4 mid-range models!

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