Microsoft Windows 11 Canary Preview Version 25387 Released

Only announcements as of now, no updates!

Microsoft has issued two preview updates for Windows 11 on June 8th, specifically Build 23475 for the Dev channel and Build 25387 for the Canary channel. While the company has not released a dedicated blog post for the latter update, it has notified users of its existence via an official tweet.

windows insider windows 11 canary


To provide more clarity on this change, Microsoft has included information in the Win11 Build 25314 update log. According to the log, the Canary channel for Windows 11 is updated frequently and usually released immediately after compilation, leaving little time for verification and writing of changelogs before being sent to Insiders.


Furthermore, the log notes that releases in the Canary channel may have significant issues that render the device unusable and, in rare cases, necessitate a system reinstallation.

windows uup canary update


As a result, the log content provided for the Canary channel is relatively limited, and Microsoft will only highlight new features as they appear, without publishing detailed blog posts for each version.

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Microsoft Windows 11 Canary Preview Version 25387 Released

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