Samsung Exynos Auto V920 Automotive Chip Launched Today!

The CPU performance will be 1.7 times that of the previous generation

Samsung announced on June 7th the launch of its third-generation automotive chip, the Exynos Auto V920, which is specifically designed for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. The company collaborated with Hyundai for the first time to bring this new chip to the market, and it will be equipped in Hyundai’s 2025 models.

The Exynos Auto V920 chip is based on the latest car-driving chip design by Arm and boasts 10 cores and 1.7 times the processing power of its predecessor. It also supports LPDDR5 and has the capability to handle up to six high-resolution screens and 12 camera sensors.

samsung exynos auto v920 chip

Moreover, the Exynos Auto V920 chip offers enhanced graphics processing capabilities, with the GPU core’s speed being twice as fast as the previous generation. Additionally, the chip has improved AI features that enable intelligent interaction between the driver and the car’s information.

Samsung claims that the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) is 2.7 times more powerful than its previous iteration, allowing the chip to support enhanced driver monitoring features. These features include faster and better evaluation of the car’s surroundings, leading to improved overall safety.

Reports suggest that the Exynos Auto V920 also meets the ASIL-B requirements set by the international automotive safety standard ISO 26262. The chip can detect and manage faults in real time, ensuring the safety of the IVI system.

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Samsung Exynos Auto V920 Automotive Chip Launched Today!

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