Microsoft Windows Blue: What You Need To Know

(Tech article of the Week : Microsoft Windows Blue: What You Need To Know. )

Microsoft Windows Blue – The next in the Windows family, or not.

microsoft windows blue announcement
A worker adjusts a logo on the Microsoft stand at the Ce-BIT computer fair in Hanover.

A worker adjusting the logo at the Microsoft stand at the Ce-bit computer fair ( Image taken- Hanover February 27, 2011 -Photo : Reuters ).

microsoft windows blue
Back to Basics. Simple is better!

Microsoft’s Recent New Logo- Goes with the Blue theme!

Only one month has passed since Microsoft announced it’s latest operating system Windows 8 on October 26, 2012 and rumors have already started taking flight that the company is preparing to launch it’s next operating system (OS), code-named Blue in 2013. ( Microsoft Windows Blue).

The updated version of Windows may make its appearance in mid-2013 and will include intense User interface changes and alterations from the baseline to the entire platform and also the way it was priced till now. Microsoft is likely to price its next Windows OS – Microsoft windows blue at an initial low cost to attract more new customers and to ensure that the previous armada of Windows users upgrade to it.

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(You are reading : Microsoft Windows Blue: What You Need To Know. )

It is rumored that once Microsoft Windows Blue OS is released, the Windows SDK will be fully overhauled to support the new release Blue and the company will stop accepting apps that were meant to run specifically on Windows 8. This move is being done to ensure developers start developing for Microsoft Windows Blue. However, Windows 8 apps are expected to run easily on Microsoft Windows Blue despite the planned SDK changes and upgrades.

“The Verge has learned from several sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans that the company is planning to standardize on an approach, code-named Blue, across Windows and Windows Phone in an effort to provide more regular updates to consumers,” reported The Verge.

Surprisingly, Microsoft has plans to update the OS every 12 months. Microsoft has released a new Windows operating system every few years with stability and security-oriented service packs to keep up the ante released in between. Now it is expected that Microsoft will add new and exciting features on an annual basis to ensure the customers aren’t wooed away by rival platforms like OS X or Ubuntu which offer tons of updates instantly to the users within days of release.

(You are reading : Microsoft Windows Blue: What You Need To Know.)
microsoft windows blue os
The Windows 8 User interface is quite effective at least according to me!

Microsoft’s approach to updating it’s operating system on a yearly basis will enable the company to compete with rivals Apple and Google which are fast heating up the OS segment in the mobile devices and tablets market. With the release of an update annually, Microsoft will be able to keep pace with the current market requirements rather than constantly playing catch-up since the last OS update.

(You are reading : Microsoft Windows Blue: What You Need To Know. )

Earlier rumors hinted that Microsoft is also working on Windows 9. We will have to wait and watch if Microsoft releases the Microsoft Windows Blue simply as a service pack for Windows 8, which is a collection of fixes and updates. Or whether, Microsoft windows Blue is an entire new operating system from Microsoft- the Redmond Giant.

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Windows 8 is going strong and will continue to do so.  After all Microsoft has bet its all on this operating system. We still have to see what punch will Microsoft Windows Blue may pack beneath that colorful logo!
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Microsoft Windows Blue: What You Need To Know

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