delhi rape case justice

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  1. Thank you for this informative, truly involved article. I’m a woman but luckily for m safety living in Europe and feel extremely angry and upset about this story. India is such a beautiful country and I have been dreaming of visiting it ofr years but I have never realized just how extremely dangerous it is for women there. I wish I could lay my hands, and anything rusty and dirty I could possibly find, on the innocent girl’s attackers. Thank you again for writing.

    1. Yes, Kamcha India is indeed very beautiful country but some people like these and prevalent backward mindset of many people has led to such moral degradation, objectifying women is just not limited to some people here but it is prevalent everywhere. But as you know its everywhere in mass media. We need a greater solution. We need to change ourselves. Each one of us.

  2. I completely agree with each and every word u have written here. I am a woman , a medical professional , and feel this is the worst thing that can happen to any woman.

    I also want the 17 year old to go through the same punichment capital or life imprisonment as the others, as Age cannot be a deterrent to such a monstrous crime and the legal proceedings. He is a criminal , He cannot go scot free and justice will only be complete if each of the 6 people are given a death penalty.

    Although I am in UK currently , I am from bombay and I studied in delhi for 2 yrs . And I know that its the mentality of the people everywhere, bombay, delhi, gujarat, bihar everywhere and we all have faced it everywhere .. Its no use just asking the commissioner to resign or suspending the Police constables or asking the Goverment for an explanation . The root of this evil is the lack of education , illiteracy especially about issues like respecting women and treating them as equals.

    Women related laws , police mentality, social thinking, men and women mentality, all needs to change drastically in India.
    I want to emphasize this topic of carrying out criminal proceedings against each one of them incluing the 17 yr old and bring justice quickly and I am praying that this happens soon.

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