Delhi Rape Case – Why no Justice yet?

Delhi Rape Case -Authorities beating protesters -Criminals not penalized yet.
Why no Justice yet ?

Delhi Rape Case – Why no Justice yet ? The recent Delhi rape case has just further raised some serious questions on whether women are safe or not in this country, or anywhere in the world.

For how long can we turn a blind eye to this burning issue of women’s safety?

delhi rape case 
Students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) staging a protest outside Vasant
Vihar police station against
the gang-rape of para-medic student,in New Delhi on Tuesday.
Photo: V Sudershan (Delhi rape case- No justice yet)

It’s been over a week now. And protests are in full swing all over the nation. But I want to ask that where was the passion before. Yes, there has been a seriously too much insane act this time. But earlier too females were being raped daily. Why was the media not covering those stories back then. Why was everybody in a shell of apathy.

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

For those people who do not know about this ill incident yet. Here’s a brief report.

“Brutally gang-raped by four persons in a moving bus in south Delhi on Sunday night, a 23-year-old woman is now battling for life at the Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi. The girl’s male friend was also assaulted, stripped and then thrown off the bus along with her near the Mahipalpur flyover in south-west Delhi.
The girl and her friend took an auto rickshaw to a bus shelter in Munirka on Outer Ring Road after visiting a mall in Saket. Their they boarded a “contract-carriage” luxury bus going toward Palam at around 9.30 p.m.

delhi gangrape bus route
The bus, which the police said had tinted glasses, had only four other passengers besides the couple. The police believe that the other passengers were acquainted with the bus driver and the cleaner.
When some of the passengers passed nasty remarks at the girl, an argument ensued between them and her friend, who was beaten up with iron rods by the four men,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (South Delhi) Chhaya Sharma.

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

The group then pounced on the girl, dragged her into the driver’s cabin where they forced themselves on her. They also robbed the two victims of their belongings before throwing them off the bus on National Highway-8 near the Mahipalpur flyover around 10.15 p.m., almost six km from where the couple had boarded the bus.
Utterly shocked and numbed, the victims were barely able to raise an alarm when they were spotted by a security guard deployed at a nearby construction site, who immediately called up the police suspecting that something was amiss as they two had sustained injuries and were bleeding.
The police reached the spot and rushed the injured victims to Safdarjung Hospital where the girl is currently on ventilator support, the police said. According to sources in the hospital, the girl who mainly received injuries on her face and stomach, was bleeding profusely when brought her in for treatment.”

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

Now another instance of the truth being reported differently. But whatever the truth is the sad news is that females are no longer safe in this city or any city.

“The bus driver Ram Singh went out with his 6 friends. The girl and the guy was called by the driver and they were given proper tickets ( the bus was a school bus with black curtains which is not permitted for transport use)

The girl was 23 a very good student and wanted to reach Dwarka mor. After they got in, the guys hit a rod on the guys’s head and threw him out . Then raped the girl one by one which was moving continuously in the posh areas of Delhi and NCR.

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

After raping her badly , one of them inserted a very long rod in her vagina and pulled it out with so much force that it almost brought the intestines out and almost killed her and then they threw her out and ran away.

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

She was lying in the middle of the road hurt and nude. Not even a single person helped her or covered her for an hour. When police came in no one helped them pick her up. They were just not interested at all. Doctor said ” main bayan nahi kar sakta ki ussne kya kya zheela hai …Bolte hue mujhe dard hota hai “.

She has gone in coma 5 times since then. She is unconscious , critical and has not stopped crying. The ribs are damaged as well.

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

That’s the whole story. And her only fault was that she took a wrong bus.

The girl’s vagina and small and large intestine is totally damaged and she cannot live a married or normal life. She has undergone 5 surgeries and here intestine has been removed since it was completely damaged. She cannot eat anything for the rest of her life if she survives. She will live her whole life under medical care.
Even after going through all this, she fought and is still fighting for herself. Her brother said that she had written “Mother, I want to live.” on a piece of paper.”

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

Now the whole nation is seething in protest and the youth are out on the streets demanding swift action and justice. As always the police are doing there job perfectly. Hitting innocent people with water cannons and teargas bombs and making sure no one dares to raise there voices. It’s a shame of having to bear such things while living in a democratic country like India.

delhi gangrape


Protesters shout slogans as policemen use water cannon to disperse those demonstrating against a gang rape
 & brutal beating of a 23-year-old student on a bus, in New Delhi.

But recently one of friends posted on a social network, this is the closest to the real truth we all should learn.

“Ladies and gentlemen, 
I just realized  it doesn’t matter much if we have castration/capital punishments for rapists in our country. Stop sounding like we are not complicit and equally guilty in promoting an unsafe environment for women. Don’t sit there and watch Akshay Kumar pinch Sonakshi Sinha’s waist in Rowdy Rathore and laugh about it. Don’t whisper to your friends about how “easy” so and so girl is because she has sex casually and frequently.

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

Don’t tell the other women in your life that the dress they are wearing looks “slutty”, that they shouldn’t be out after 6 in the evening, that they really should be careful about what kind of men they are friends with. Don’t ask “what was she doing there”. Don’t listen to and *wolf whistle* to that Goddamned Honey Singh sing Shit about women and objectify them.(Now you know why I despise him in the first place ! !) DON’T make and laugh at Rape Jokes, jokes that glorify physical violence, jokes that put women in the kitchen. (Yes. I personally do know quite a few people who do that !)

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

Folks, Rapes don’t happen in some abstract spaces to people without faces, by people who are separated from us by caste, religion or region( No. Not even people you term as ‘Biharis’ and ‘Jaats’ and ‘Muslims’ and ‘Sardars’ and ‘scheduled casts’). WE, the misogynist society, are the reason this happens AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. Stop accusing just the government or the police or the rest of the society. And stop accusing feminists of over reacting. We are not over reacting, you are under reacting !
And frankly, if you cant take a stand ALL THE TIME for women (whether a brutal rape has happened or not), don’t pretend to give a shit or post updates about it when women face what
they do.” – Anonymous

Some people were asking me A.N.J you seem like a wise person, so tell us what do you think about this situation. You know I could never answer them. But now I will.

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

My answer is :
“Look around yourself. What do you see? I see people, blind people. Not by eyes but by vision, true vision. Guys who took part in the protest. 80% of them did that just to flirt with the girls who were in the protest and to show off to others that how much they care about the society. Whereas the truth is that inside all of them are full of apathy. We all need dramatic examples to shake us out from our sleep. This was just another reminder of where we all are headed towards as humans. When humans don’t respect other humans what good can we expect. Solution is to first change ourselves. To those who raise fingers on me, I say this. You would say who is this guy telling us what’s right and what’s wrong. No, I am no one. I am not just a person. Because as a person what I say can be destroyed. Because flesh and bones have there limits.
But as an idea we can be everlasting, incorruptible. We all have to be an idea, and mine are simple. – RESPECT, EQUALITY, JUSTICE”

delhi rape case vigilantes are solution

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

Amitabh Bachchan, the country’s biggest star, called on all Indians to become vigilantes. The way the government is handling the situation I think none of us have an choices left. Sooner or later we all would have to take the laws in our hands. Then we don’t know what course events may take.(# Delhi rape case – Why no justice yet!)

The response of authorities – especially the police – is frequently to blame the victims.

Demonstrators in Delhi, a city of at least 15 million where there were 572 reported rapes last year – though the true total is believed to be much higher – said the harassment was getting worse.

“Every time I go out, I am hearing lewd remarks,” said Asheeta Rudra, a 23-year-old student.

Shagufta Yasmin, 26, from the poor northern state of  Bihar, said the problem was the same even when she went home.

“It’s not just Delhi, even if it’s bad here. It’s everywhere,” she said.

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

In one incident last year in the commercial capital, Mumbai, a 24-year-old man was stabbed to death after reprimanding men who were harassing a female friend.

“It is a huge social problem. Men are just taught to respect their elders, but not women,” Jason Temasfieldt, the dead man’s cousin, told .

Temasfieldt, 25, now campaigns to raise awareness.

“Sixty to 80 people stood by and watched my cousin being stabbed,” he said. “They didn’t intervene. If you try and stop harassment on a train or in the street then you are the one who people get angry at.”

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

This summer, a TV crew filmed a 45-minute assault on a woman in a street in north-eastern India but made no attempt to intervene.

Much of the debate has focused on reinforcing legislation. However, many point out that the national conviction rate in rape cases brought to court is lower than 25%.
Others say deep discrimination is to blame. In many parts of India, female infants and fetuses have been routinely killed for decades, leading to a huge demographic imbalance and a shortage of sexual partners for young men. At the same time, education and economic change have meant new roles, aspirations and independence for many women.

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

“It’s not about laws or enforcement. It’s about a psyche, a mindset. That’s what has to change,” said Smita Sharma, a senior TV journalist.

Local gun campaigners have said that women should be able to defend themselves with firearms.

“The only effective deterrent is if women are armed and prepared to use the firearm in self-defense,” said Abhijeet Singh, of Indians for Guns.

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

“The way things are going in Delhi, soon the metro trains will announce, ‘Agla station… Molestation'”

Delhi rape case serious issue


Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?


Latest Updated on 29th December 2012. Damini has been the anonymous name of the victim girl and she is no more. She died at 2:15 am at 28th December’s night. We hope that justice is meted out as soon as possible. And the culprits are hanged to death as no other punishment is justifiable. The whole nation has started peaceful protests while the government still fears it’s own people. Only time can tell what shall happen in near future.

“The Blame, I believe lies with us. In India, men only care for women of their families and treat others as objects of desire.So the next time a women gets raped anywhere in India, instead of blaming the state,We must ask ourselves ..What are we doing to stop men from disrespecting women.”- Aditya Nath Jha

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

Latest updated on 5th January 2013.

The main culprit Could walk free ! – The Juvenile accused among the six men who was the most heinous of all and raped the girl while she was unconscious and was the one who took out her intestines with his bare hands.

The boy, who is seventeen-and-a-half-year-old, will not face the trial under the Criminal Procedure Code like the other five.Though he faces the criminal charge of murder, he would face action under the Juvenile Justice Act that is more of a reformatory process instead of a criminal trial. He can be sentenced for maximum of three years even if found guilty. Two days after he was caught on December 28, the police had applied to the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) for a bone ossification test for him – who, according to police, had subjected the victim to the worst inhuman physical and sexual torture.

The Delhi Police, is treating him as a juvenile solely on the basis of a school leaving certificate obtained from a school in Badaun, UP. With the test report still pending, police said, they had no option but to file charges and initiate legal proceedings only against the five adult members of the demonic gangrape.”The JJB has to investigate and decide now,” admitted a senior officer.

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

“We had applied to them two days after the minor had been nabbed. The whole process takes time,”

said the officer.According to senior advocate Vikas Pahwa, the Juvenile Justice Act does not discriminate the gravity of the offence irrespective of its nature.

“The objective of the act is to reform the child because it is possible that he may have committed an act under influence.”

Pahwa further said that the procedure to treat juveniles and adults cannot be the same in criminal law.

“A juvenile has got some constitutional protections and therefore he has to be treated separately,” he adds, stating there is nothing incorrect in the system that treats a juvenile differently even for committing a heinous offence along with his adult friends.

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

Public outrage – The public outrage has been based on allegations and the police version that of the six accused named in the Delhi gangrape case, it was him who inflicted the maximum brutalities on the victim. Though the first law on protecting children from being prosecuted for having committed a criminal offence was put in place in 1850, constant amendments during the last three decades have added to the problem.
Amendments – The 1850 Apprentice Act provided for children in the 10-18 years age group, convicted by courts, to be provided vocational training intended for their future rehabilitation.The Central Government made the first Children Act in 1960 but it was in 1986 that the first central law on juvenile justice came up.Its definition of juveniles stated :

“Juvenile means a boy who has not attained the age of 16 years or a girl who has not attained the age of 18 years.”

In 2000 conforming with the United Nations rules, the government raised the age of juveniles to 18 years.In 2004, the Supreme Court ruled that the age of a juvenile accused of having committed any crime, should be determined by ascertaining it on the day of the alleged crime. 

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

The sole eye witness of the whole incident the guy who was Damini’s friend and who was with her on that night has come out in pubic and he has got a message for all of us.
He told ZEE News in an exclusive interview how he tried to defend his friend and how helpless they were when the criminals had dumped them on the road. He also told that they tried to kill both of them by crushing them under the bus.

But despite being injured he intervened and bought them some time. Despite of being badly injured with bruised arms and a fractured leg he was the one to lift her and put her up in the PCR van, even the police didn’t touch the girl. They were lying on the road naked for almost half an hour and no one from the passerby’s and the crowd which had gathered even put a single cloth on him and her.

Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

Such was the apathy of the people. Words aren’t enough to tell the pain and trauma that they underwent. I won’t write anything more about this. He is the one whose message should be heard.

Latest updated on January 16 2013 .

One Month Of Shame.

It’s been a month since that shocking incident which caused the whole nation to wake up from their sleep of ignorance. The protesters are still at Ramlila Maidan, Jantar Mantar. Although the numbers have steadily declined. It’s the society’s prerogative as a whole to not allow this grave issue to slip into oblivion.


What is the judiciary waiting for? The unknown victim’s family has gone through so much. Don’t they understand that tomorrow it could be any other girl.

delhi rape case pictures



Latest updated on 2nd March 2013, 22:16 pm IST.

So much time has passed and the Government has not yet punished those hooligans. They deserve to be hanged or a life of imprisonement where they are made to repent and work 24*7. Unless they are made to hate the very breath they take, it won’t be fare enough for the brave girl who died.

“Justice is balance.”

It’s high time. RISE. –

What’s your take, let us know in the comments section below.

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Delhi Rape Case - Why no Justice yet ?

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Delhi Rape Case – Why no Justice yet?

4 thoughts on “Delhi Rape Case – Why no Justice yet?”

  1. Thank you for this informative, truly involved article. I’m a woman but luckily for m safety living in Europe and feel extremely angry and upset about this story. India is such a beautiful country and I have been dreaming of visiting it ofr years but I have never realized just how extremely dangerous it is for women there. I wish I could lay my hands, and anything rusty and dirty I could possibly find, on the innocent girl’s attackers. Thank you again for writing.

    • Yes, Kamcha India is indeed very beautiful country but some people like these and prevalent backward mindset of many people has led to such moral degradation, objectifying women is just not limited to some people here but it is prevalent everywhere. But as you know its everywhere in mass media. We need a greater solution. We need to change ourselves. Each one of us.

  2. I completely agree with each and every word u have written here. I am a woman , a medical professional , and feel this is the worst thing that can happen to any woman.

    I also want the 17 year old to go through the same punichment capital or life imprisonment as the others, as Age cannot be a deterrent to such a monstrous crime and the legal proceedings. He is a criminal , He cannot go scot free and justice will only be complete if each of the 6 people are given a death penalty.

    Although I am in UK currently , I am from bombay and I studied in delhi for 2 yrs . And I know that its the mentality of the people everywhere, bombay, delhi, gujarat, bihar everywhere and we all have faced it everywhere .. Its no use just asking the commissioner to resign or suspending the Police constables or asking the Goverment for an explanation . The root of this evil is the lack of education , illiteracy especially about issues like respecting women and treating them as equals.

    Women related laws , police mentality, social thinking, men and women mentality, all needs to change drastically in India.
    I want to emphasize this topic of carrying out criminal proceedings against each one of them incluing the 17 yr old and bring justice quickly and I am praying that this happens soon.


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