Microsoft’s new portable Surface device leaked

Looks like Microsoft is working on a new mysterious Surface device, which will sport dual display design!

Looks like Microsoft is working on a new mysterious Surface device and the work is going on for the last two years. The Surface device is codenamed as Andromeda and it appeared in patents, reports, and in OS references multiple times. As per the reports and the device will sport a dual-display design and will be pocked sized as per a Microsoft internal document, which The Verge put its hand on somehow.

David Breyer recently created some 3D concepts for the foldable Surface devices which look quite realistic and similar to what the document The Verge has obtained.

As per Microsoft, this Surface device will create a ‘new and disruptive’ device category and reduce the gap between PC and mobile devices. As per The Verge, the Andromeda device is still being developed and there is some sort of testing going on for a stylus-based input method using a notepad-like app.

In terms of hardware and raw processing power, Microsoft has started experimenting with ARM-based processors. So clearly, Microsoft is trying to recover from the Windows phone disaster and trying to bring out something new that provides the best of both worlds, by providing solid performance while being compact and can be carried easily.

However, Microsft is not alone in the race of dual display devices. Chip manufacturing giant Intel is also working on something similar. Intel has already created prototype devices that come with dual displays and Electronic Paper Displays (EPD).

Intel is also working with OEM partners like ASUS and Lenovo, who are making devices based on Intel’s concepts. Some reports claim that at least one such device will be launched in this year itself, so Microsoft may not try harder and push the limits to bring out an Andromeda device and fans will just hope that it doesn’t turn out to be something like Windows phones and the Lumia lineup!

Let’s just wait and watch whether this device would live up to our expectations or not! Do let us know what you think about this development in the comments section below!

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Microsoft’s new portable Surface device leaked

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