MSI Unveils World’s First True AI Gaming Monitor MEG 321URX

MSI showcases the MEG 321URX, the first AI gaming monitor with built-in “cheats,” enhancing gameplay with AI-driven features.

On June 5th, MSI showcased the MEG 321URX monitor at the Taipei International Computer Show 2024, claiming it as the world’s first true AI gaming monitor.

MEG 321URX monitor

Previously shown at CES 2024, this monitor introduces the AI Sky Sight feature, which uses AI to scan ongoing games and provide players with additional content.

AI Sky Sight

During the demonstration with the game Monster Hunter, Sky Sight highlighted enemies in real-time, acting like an in-game cheat.

Monster Hunter

The MEG 321URX QD-OLED monitor uses intelligent image recognition technology to detect players’ health bars, sharpness, stamina, or ammo status, displaying updates via the built-in Spectrum bar with RGB lighting.

"Monster Hunter" game

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MSI Unveils World’s First True AI Gaming Monitor MEG 321URX

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