Nintendo Might Be Developing New Zelda and NS Sports Titles

Nintendo is reportedly working on new projects, including a new Zelda and NS Sports game, expected to enhance the Switch 2 experience.

Nintendo is reportedly developing two new major projects, codenamed “Edward” and “Anna.” According to reliable sources, “Edward” is believed to be a new installment in the Zelda series.

Previous Zelda title, “Link’s Awakening,” was codenamed “Richard,” with “Edward” possibly referring to King Edward V of England, and “Richard” to his brother, Prince Richard.

nintendo edward project

“Anna” is speculated to be a new entry in the NS Sports series. The previous NS Sports game had the codename “Elsa,” and “Anna” and “Elsa” are sisters from the movie “Frozen.”

Further investigation revealed a previously rumored project codenamed “U-King-O,” likely related to the Switch 2 console, with its codename “Ounce.” The “U-King” designation aligns with “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” indicating a potential enhanced version for the new hardware.

If this port materializes, it is expected to leverage the rumored Switch 2’s capabilities, including smoother frame rates and potential support for ray tracing.

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Nintendo Might Be Developing New Zelda and NS Sports Titles

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