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Opera Max: Saves your data, lots of data

Opera Max Saves your data, lots of data

Using a lot of data is something that has become essential to nowadays Internet lifestyle. In this fast paced Internet scenario it becomes even tougher to keep a track of mobile data and to keep a track of how much data is being used. Using a data saver application like Opera max is something that makes your data last longer. Opera max uses a secure line VPN to route your data after compressing it.

Applications like Instagram, Facebook etc. utilize it the best way as they are image based applications so the amount of data saved on these applications is too much. Opera Max also comes in handy for protecting your privacy while surfing online as this application masks the original IP address of the user non accessible to third parties.

Opera Max is currently available for Android platform, and it would come soon for iOS as rumoured by officials from Opera. They currently have no plans to launch a PC application for Windows.

Opera Max can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store for every Android smartphone. You too can download Opera Max here for your phone here.

Reasons to use Opera Max:

  • It’s free and very secure.
  • It works.
  • It uses minimal battery.
  • It protects your privacy too.


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