Unveiling Project Condor: Remedy’s Leap into Co-op Gaming with ‘Control’ Spin-Off

Control’s Spin off is coming soon!

Remedy recently shared new insights into their upcoming project, “Condor” a multiplayer cooperative game drawing from the universe of their acclaimed title “Control.” Scheduled for full-scale production within the year, “Condor” marks Remedy’s inaugural foray into service-oriented gaming.

The development is earmarked with a substantial budget of €25 million, leveraging Remedy’s proprietary Northlight Engine to ensure a rich gaming experience across PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

The backdrop of “Condor” is set in the aftermath of the Hiss invasion, where the oldest and most enigmatic building, now a hotbed of volatile supernatural forces, is sealed off.

ai representation of a game
An AI based representation of what such a game might look like.

The remnants of the Federal Bureau of Control are trapped inside, tasked with an insurmountable challenge to reclaim their hold over the chaos. The era of desperation calls for desperate measures.

Unlike typical free-to-play models, “Condor” will adopt a fixed-price model, aimed at providing an entry-level cost-effective experience to gamers, further supported by subsequent updates, expansions, and possible microtransactions for sustainability and extended gameplay engagement.

This development comes alongside updates on other Remedy projects, including “Control 2” and the remastered editions of “Max Payne 1 & 2,” highlighting a significant phase in Remedy’s expansion and innovation in gaming narratives and mechanics.

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Unveiling Project Condor: Remedy’s Leap into Co-op Gaming with ‘Control’ Spin-Off

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