Quint comes up on Facebook Instant articles

7 Months’ Young, The Quint Lines Up Alongside The Big Boys of Global Media To Be On Facebook Instant Articles

The global giant and this local winner have struck a winning combination.

The Quint is Facebook’s only fully digital partner in India to launch Instant Articles.

Prior to this, Facebook had launched Instant Articles in the US with partners like New York Times, The Guardian, BBC, NBC & National Geographic.

Instant Articles loads videos and photos up to 10 times faster. Autoplay videos come to life as you scroll through an article. You can tilt high-resolution photos to explore in detail, see where it all happened with interactive maps, and even hear the author’s voice with embedded audio captions.

“We quickly saw that this was going to lift the user experience to an altogether different level. So when Facebook reached out, they had us at hello. We fast-tracked the implementation and had The Quint’s Instant Articles (test) out in a few weeks. We’re still finetuning the experience, but we’re very happy with the results so far”

said Ritu Kapur, CEO, The Quint.


“We’re seeing great responses from readers who are enjoying the fast and interactive experience of Instant Articles and are excited to bring that to readers Quint in India. Since its launch in April this year, The Quint has grown really quickly on Facebook and given Quint’s focus on mobile-first journalism and publishing, it is a great fit for Instant Articles.”

– Andy Mitchell, Director, News and Global Media Partnerships.


About The Quint:

The Quint is media with intelligence – it is among India’s leading digital content platforms, and also among the fastest growing. The Quint is media for mobile consumption – quickly, visually and socially. A smooth blend of video, audio, graphics and text, The Quint offers a modern, sharp take on the world, and guides people through topics ranging from politics, policy and entertainment, to sports, business, food and everything else that matters.

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Quint comes up on Facebook Instant articles

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