Razor Project Valerie is great, but was stolen!!

At Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Razer turns out be the most highlighted product in concept pieces, every year. This tech company was recognized to make the best hardcore gaming accessories, like keyboards and mice, but it has quickly escalated to become the leader in the laptop category, as well.

This latest laptop from Razer is named as Project Valerie, and is pretty different from their present lineup. The new Project Valerie is bolder and more extensive. It has a display of 17 inches and comes with a very thick case packing. And that is because  there are additional two more displays inside the package. And this is the most exciting part of this laptop. It declares to be the world’s first portable laptop with three built-in displays.

Talking about these two extra screens, Razor says “they have an automated deployment mechanism” in which both the monitors pop out from either side of the display and takes their position without any user regulation.

Coming to the laptop’s specifications, each three of the monitor uses Nvidia G-sync technology, which runs the output of the graphics hardware and screen refresh rate together in parallel. The laptop has an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, which is the present favorite for laptops.

Talking about the physical specs of the same, one always seeks for light weight laptops, which weighs approximately 3 pounds or less, this one’s a complete different buy. Project Valerie weighs around 12 pounds (approx. 5.44 kgs). And going by the thickness, an average laptop is as thin as 10 mm. But this one’s 1.5 inches thick.

So overall, this is a concept piece waiting to arrive in the market. There’s no current information about its potential price or availability. Let’s see when enters the market and how it performs.

Razer’s two prototypes were stolen from the show floor at CES. In what is being called by them as industrial espionage the turn of events when really sour for them. They have even offered a reward of $25000 for those who are able to find the culprit. Right now some news sources state that the stolen prototypes are on sale on this site.

Let’s see what happens in the future, for sure this is a very innovative product and will surely change portable computing as we know it as when extended you get a total of 12k display with the three screens.

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Razor Project Valerie is great, but was stolen!!

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