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Pay per call networks and phone marketing has become a significant part of businesses these days. Many companies depend upon different online platforms or software for their call tracking needs. But not many of them provide any all-round solution for your business. Well, there’s an option now.

What is Ringba?

Ringba is a call optimization platform which allows basic capabilities like buying numbers – local “DID’s” or TFN’s. It also automatically routes inbound calls to the right target. Hence load balancing calls by priority. Ringba allows you to see live calls by account, by the target, by the campaign, by publisher and more. Along with the robust reporting, Ringba also gives free sub account to sellers “publishers” or buyers “targets”. It gives you complete control over your call marketing. Thus, it significantly improves your return on investment.

Ringba is undoubtedly a great solution for your business requirements regarding calling, call tracking and data management. As a company involved in calling sector, Ringba is highly recommended for you as it enables you to track and attribute calls to any and all available data giving you a rich understanding of your users and traffic sources. It is a next generation platform to track the sources of calls, see detailed information about callers generated from online marketing, manage your product’s affiliate marketing programs, control call flow into your contact center and run an entire pay per call network. Ringba is not only technologically better than everyone and not only that it’s cheaper. just contact their support and they will tell you about the current promotion they are having.

This wide range of clientele tells how useful Ringba as a resource it for the businesses all over the world. Ringba provides with a wide range of functions and usage and is beneficial in a no. of ways for the users. Some of them being:

  • Tracking the source of inbound calls.
  • Learn detailed information about your users opening doors to new opportunities.
  • Optimize and improve your advertising ROI.
  • Create new ways to generate business.
  • Reduce abandons and wasted opportunities.
  • Manage call flow for multiple locations anywhere in the world.
  • Manage compliance and regulations.

So this is what Ringba is, and why should you use it. But how does it work? What can Ringba do that makes it different or better than 100 other similar platforms or software? Let’s find out.

What can Ringba do?

Ringba as a platform is very versatile. It can be used to manage different call streams, use cases, and applications at the same time, saving you resources, time and energy.

Ringba works on ring pool technology to review and analyze your campaign in a multidimensional way. It enables you to view data related to your paid campaigns, hence adding on to its efficiency and accuracy. With Ringba, you do not need to stress about your business happenings, as you can keep an eye on your partners’ activities. It gives you a defense mechanism so that your partners won’t get paid for calls that were not connected.

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Ringba’s reporting is available throughout the site to give you immediate access to critical information you can use to make decisions about your click and call streams. It provides as much data as possible about the people who call, and those who don’t, to give you mission critical access to optimization data you won’t find anywhere else.

The amazing reporting interfaces let you quickly drill in and sort all of your data streams to gain actionable insights into all of your partners and campaigns.

Intelligent & Automatic Call Routing

With Ringba, You can add specific targets and target groups, prioritize the routing, cap volume with extremely flexible time tables and restrictions, route calls by user data such as device, location, ISP, browser, referring website, landing page, caller ID information, and most importantly Target performance.
Using target configuration in combination with information grabbed by our system (URL Tags), you can generate routing plans that put your callers in the most profitable place at the most profitable time.

Number Pooling

By using a group of numbers Ringba is able to track specific information about every user that visits your website or landing page. This service is available in over 80 countries giving you the flexibility to run and optimize your campaigns in the most profitable way, almost anywhere.

Publisher Tracking & Management
With Ringba, you do not need to stress about your business happenings, as you can keep an eye on your partners’ activities. It gives you a defense

With Ringba, you do not need to stress about your business happenings, as you can keep an eye on your partners’ activities. It gives you a defense mechanism so that your partners won’t get paid for calls that were not connected. The reporting interface lets you view your publisher activity, track revenue, rev share, payouts, conversions, and export all of your data to properly manage your payables.

Other Opportunities:

Ringba can also provide the flow of business for many other different kinds of businesses, in fact, some of them depending entirely on call tracking for their functioning.

Some of them being,

Affiliate Networks (Pay Per Call Networks): Used by companies to provide pay per call networks to customers, providing great earning potential for them.

Affiliate Programs:

Ringba allows Affiliate Programs to augment their current revenue by placing tracking numbers on their partner’s promotional websites. Also monitoring quality and compliance, and tracking all of the revenue generated and payouts to your partners.

Others like Call Centers, eCommerce Vendors, Large Businesses and Performance Marketers also have great earning and business potential from Ringba.

Ringba provides a great opportunity for the businesses to grow their customer base and find and track new contacts and customers. Ringba is not only technologically better than everyone, it’s also cheaper than them. Just contact their customer support and they will tell you about the current promotion they are having.

Not just that, Ringba does things for you no other service provider can, including but not limited to:

  • Automatically load balancing calls between targets by priority.
  • Gives you live control over call flow.
  • Does robust reporting.
  • Ring-pool technology to optimize and increase your ROI.
  • Provides 24/7 support.
  • Has a great team of silicon valley engineers.
So, no more manually routing calls and no more losing money or losing campaigns. Try Ringba and you’ll forget everyone else.

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