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The Rise and Rise of Bezel less smartphones

the rise and rise of bezel less smartphones

Even a year or two ago the very idea of having a bezel less smartphone was more of an eccentric thought for most of the people. But then came along few ground breaking products like the Galaxy Edge lineup from Samsung and then the Xiaomi Mi Mix. These phones paved the way for the future of smartphone display trends i.e. Bezel Less smartphones.

Now you have almost every great smartphone flaunting a near bezel less experience and it all has paved way for devices with better form factors and great screen to body ratios.

Just look at the fact that devices with even 6 inch displays these days are quite handy because of minimal or no bezels.The Mi Mix 2 which is the successor to the original bezel less wonder is also a great example of such a display.

xiaomi mi mix 2 bezel less display

essential phone bezel less designThere are smartphones like the Essential phone, the soon to arrive OnePlus 5t and a lot more which are setting the trend for every other smartphone to have a bezel less or near bezel less experience.

If you think about it carefully then being a bezel less phone has kind of become the unspoken rule for flagship smartphones now.

Not everyone is embracing the bezel less trend fully but smartphones with 18:9 displays and ever decreasing bezels are pushing the game forward.

The newly launched iPhone X also embraces the same trend though not completely as there’s a notch on the top which has all of the sensors for FaceID and also the front camera.

iphone x bezel less smartphone

Going forward one of the more interesting innovations would be the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor inside the display itself, it was rumoured to be present on this year’s iPhone but was skipped. There’s an experimental smartphone by Vivo which incorporates the same technology and works well. But going by the time taken to implement such revolutionary innovations, we are still 1-2 years away from seeing it on every phone.

But we aren’t far away from a future where almost every smartphone is going to have an 18:9 or almost bezel less display.

So what are your thoughts on this trend?
Do you believe that any other smartphone display trend can overthrow the rise of bezel less smartphones? If yes, then do let us know about them in the comments section below.

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