Samsung Is Developing A Curved Display For Foldable Phone

Hints are now more prominent than ever, pointing towards curved display development by Samsung!

A foldable phone may not be just a concept anymore. As per the recent reports, South Korean tech giant Samsung is working on a curved display, that will be added to its foldable phones. As per the reports, Samsung has found a way to make huge batteries that can store power ranging up to 6000mAh.

It is being expected that we will see the Galaxy X as the first phone from Samsung, which comes with a foldable display. However, there will be some changes in the design and the phone may not look like a wallet folding in. Rather, Samsung will find a way through which a part of the screen is on the outer fold so that users can check notifications and calls.

As per ItHome, a Korean Publication, the V-shaped curved battery developed by SDI had a capacity of only 210mAh due to technical limitations. But now, there is a way to make curved batteries as well which will be connected together inside the foldable phone. The concept is somewhat similar to this set of batteries.

Samsung is already trying manufacturing the flexible OLED screens and Korean News outlet ET News claims that Samsung may implement them in the Galaxy X. As of now, the current flagship phones, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have 3,000 mAh and 3,500 mAh batteries and if the foldable battery design turns out to be a complete success, we may see something like a 6000mAh battery, added into the Galaxy X.

Samsung has talked about this futuristic approach towards foldable phones for quite some time. Back in 2011, Samsung showed the first ever foldable phone prototype and pointed out one flaw which leads to a brightness drop of 6% when the device is opened and closed for 100,000 times.

As of now, nothing is clear about the Galaxy X, but we can surely hope for a drastic change in design and innovation, with which the price will also go up. Rumours say that the Galaxy X may cost up to around $2,000 making it the costliest phone to be made available to consumers.

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Samsung Is Developing A Curved Display For Foldable Phone

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