Rare Apple EarPods controls you never knew existed! Or Did you?

Even we didn’t know some of them combinations!


So you claim to be an Apple aficionado. You love every product Apple has ever made and justified their exorbitant pricing at every step. Worry not! There are still few things in the world which you, me or anyone can’t understand at the first go. And Apple EarPods Controls is just one of those!

Understanding the controls on Apple’s EarPods is definitely one of these things! If you thought you had the Apple ecosystem completely figured out then do read on. For those of you who already know all of the awesome things that can be done just via a single button on the Apple EarPods controls please move on. This article is for the rest of us, dumb folks!

rare apple EarPods controls

Before I knew that such stuff was possible I thought Apple’s implementation of wired earphones was the worst ever and it required more physical buttons so as to make things easier. But as it turns out, this isn’t the case. 

If you are an Apple EarPods/earphone user then these steps can come in handy for you:

  • One short click in the middle allows you to play/pause a track.
  • Two short clicks in the middle allow you to go to Next track.
  • Three short clicks in the middle allow you to go to the Previous track.
  • One short click and One long click in the middle allows you to fast forward a track.
  • Two short clicks and one long click in the middle allows you to rewind the current track.
  • This one’s easy and universal: Click the + or – button to control the volume.
  • One short click in the middle can also be used to end a call or pick up a call.
  • One long click in the middle allows you to decline an incoming call.
  • One long click in the middle in the idle state would activate Siri.

So guys that was a really exhaustive list of Apple EarPod Controls. Personally, I too only knew a few of these headphone controls. So I hope this was informative for you guys too!

Are you an iPhone user or long time user of Apple EarPods? Do let us know if you knew all these in the comments section below!

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