Samsung Enhances Bixby with Generative AI Capabilities for Smarter Interactions

Samsung is set to revolutionize its virtual assistant, Bixby, by incorporating generative AI functionalities, similar to those found in ChatGPT.

During an interview with CNBC last month, Samsung’s Executive Vice President of Mobile Business, Won-joon Choi, revealed the company’s intentions to redefine Bixby’s role.

By adopting generative AI and large language model technologies, Bixby is expected to become more intelligent and capable.

Despite Bixby’s long-standing presence in the market, it had not yet received such advanced capabilities, especially with Samsung’s focus on integrating “Galaxy AI” features across its various applications and services.

The specific details on how generative AI will be blended into Bixby remain undisclosed, leading to speculation about Bixby’s transformation into a sophisticated AI chatbot similar to ChatGPT.

Previously, Samsung indicated that Bixby would coexist with Galaxy AI features on smartphones.

At the CES 2024 conference, the company highlighted that AI technology would facilitate cooperation between SmartThings and Bixby, enhancing user experience through smarter device interactions.

This development signifies Samsung’s commitment to advancing AI within its ecosystem, promising a future where Bixby and SmartThings operate in harmony, driven by the latest AI innovations.

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Samsung Enhances Bixby with Generative AI Capabilities for Smarter Interactions

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