ASUS ROG Moonblade 2 ACE Gaming Mouse Launched

The Ultimate Gaming Mouse with Tri-Mode Connectivity and Unparalleled Precision

The gaming world welcomes the ROG Moonblade 2 ACE gaming mouse, a marvel of technology tailored for gamers seeking unparalleled precision and durability.

Priced at 899 yuan for the pre-order phase, this device not only brings aesthetic delight with its Night Black and Moonlight White color schemes but also sets a new benchmark in eco-friendly design through its use of biobased nylon materials.

Weighing in at an impressively light 55g, thanks to its meticulously designed PCB layout, the ROG Moonblade 2 ACE doesn’t compromise on comfort or performance.

It features an ergonomic design optimized for right-hand use and introduces ROG’s first-ever optical micro-motion technology, ensuring a lifespan of 100 million clicks.

At the heart of its performance lies the ROG AimPoint Pro 42K flagship sensor, boasting a staggering 42000 DPI.

This sensor is capable of achieving up to 750 IPS maximum speed, with a CPI deviation rate meticulously controlled within 1%, ensuring that every movement is precise and every action swift.

Connectivity is versatile and robust, supporting wired Type-C, Bluetooth, and 2.4GHz wireless options. Its innovative SpeedNova wireless technology significantly reduces latency and enhances stability.

Coupled with a report rate acceleration technology, it delivers exceptional performance, whether wired or wireless, achieving up to an 8K polling rate for wired connections and 4K for wireless, ensuring that every command is registered and executed instantly.

Adding to its suite of features, the ROG Moonblade 2 ACE supports Omni technology, facilitating seamless connectivity across multiple devices.

With up to 106 hours of battery life, gamers are assured of extended playtimes without the need for frequent charging, making it a perfect companion for marathon gaming sessions.

Innovation, precision, and sustainability converge in the ROG Moonblade 2 ACE gaming mouse, setting a new standard for gamers around the world.

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ASUS ROG Moonblade 2 ACE Gaming Mouse Launched

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