Samsung Enhances Galaxy S22 and Z Series with Cutting-Edge AI Features

Samsung’s latest update brings Galaxy AI to the Galaxy S22, Z Fold4, and Z Flip4 series, enhancing communication and functionality

Samsung has announced the introduction of Galaxy AI to its One UI 6.1, which will be rolled out across more devices including the Galaxy S22 series, the foldable Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4, as well as the Galaxy Tab S8 series. This update is scheduled to begin in early May.

The Galaxy AI is designed to bridge communication gaps by offering message delivery in any language.

Its translation feature facilitates seamless travel abroad by converting speech into translated text on a split screen.

The real-time translation feature provides instant voice and text translations during phone calls, while the chat assistant helps users send messages in multiple languages and tweak the tone of their messages.

Additional features include Circle to Search with Google, which simplifies interactions on social media and the internet through intuitive gestures, and Note Assist, which helps organize tasks by automatically formatting and summarizing notes.

Browsing Assist efficiently summarizes and translates articles on web pages, and Transcript Assist allows users to effortlessly create accurate meeting summaries and translations.
Galaxy AI


The Galaxy S23 series in China will also include these AI capabilities:

  • Real-time translation during voice calls.
  • Samsung Keyboard, which enhances writing style and provides spelling and grammar suggestions.
  • Simultaneous translation of spoken dialogues, available in both voice and text outputs.
  • Samsung Notes, which intelligently formats and summarizes notes, corrects them, translates them, and generates covers.
  • The Recorder converts recordings to text transcriptions and summaries for review and translation.
  •  Samsung Internet Browser, which offers simple summaries and complete translations of webpage texts.
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Samsung Enhances Galaxy S22 and Z Series with Cutting-Edge AI Features

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