Samsung Galaxy Ring: Innovating Wearable Tech with Nine Size Options

Discover Samsung’s first smart ring, the Galaxy Ring, available in up to nine sizes to suit diverse consumer needs. A breakthrough in wearable technology.

On April 23, 2024, it was reported that Samsung is set to introduce its inaugural smart ring, named the Galaxy Ring, which may come in up to nine different sizes. This development was first disclosed by the Dutch site GalaxyClub.

The model numbers for the Galaxy Ring range from SM-Q500 to SM-Q509, seemingly aligned with American ring sizes 5 through 13. This lineup suggests a strategic approach to manufacturing, offering a variety of sizes to meet diverse consumer preferences effectively.

samsung galaxy ring sizes revealed

The Galaxy Ring, expected to enter production in May 2024, aims to produce 400,000 units at launch. This broad sizing range will likely enhance Samsung’s inventory flexibility and meet market demand more accurately.

Unveiled at the MWC 2024, the Galaxy Ring will feature three color options: platinum silver, gold, and ceramic black. According to insiders, the official release is anticipated in the second half of 2024, potentially coinciding with Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10 in Paris.

This launch represents a significant step in wearable technology, reflecting Samsung’s commitment to innovation and consumer-oriented design in the expanding market of smart wearables.

Source: GalaxyClub

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Samsung Galaxy Ring: Innovating Wearable Tech with Nine Size Options

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