Samsung Might Be Working on Its Own Mobile GPU

The IP Is Expected to Be Based on AMD’s RDNA Architecture

On March 26th, Samsung announced its collaboration with AMD to develop the Xclipse 920 GPU that supports ray tracing technology for Exynos 2200. Despite limited production capacity and not meeting expectations, Samsung is currently accelerating the development of a new generation of SoC and custom GPU.

Samsung is reportedly developing an exclusive GPU using the RDNA architecture with the help of AMD, which may require AMD’s assistance to form an IP. This new exclusive GPU is expected to be seen in three years. Before Exynos 2100, Samsung relied on ARM’s Mali GPU design, but this is likely to change.

samsung own gpu rumour

Samsung’s development approach is not new as both Apple and Qualcomm have already implemented this and most common chips such as MediaTek Dimensity and Hisilicon Kirin are based on the Arm public version of the Mali architecture (the latest generation flagship model is named Immortalis-G715).

The Samsung Exynos 2200 uses the Xclipse GPU based on the AMD RDNA 2 architecture. Xclipse is a hybrid graphics processor between console mobile GPUs, where “Xclipse” combines “X” for Exynos and “eclipse.”

Xclipse inherits advanced graphics features from the AMD RDNA 2 architecture such as hardware-accelerated ray tracing (RT) and variable rate shading (VRS) previously only available on PCs, laptops, and gaming consoles. In addition, Xclipse GPUs are equipped with the Advanced Multi-IP Governor (AMIGO) that improves overall performance and efficiency.

exynos 2200

Rumours suggest that the Tensor G3 used in Google’s Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will be based on Samsung’s Exynos 2300, which includes the Xclipse 930 GPU. There are also rumours that Samsung is looking to develop custom CPU cores, although the company has denied these claims.

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Samsung Might Be Working on Its Own Mobile GPU

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