Samsung’s Smartphone Shipments Might Be Less Than 250 Million Units This Year!

The mid range to low end market is performing poorly, a report estimates that Samsung’s Phone shipments this year will be less than 250 million units

According to sources on June 13, it has been reported that Samsung is expected to experience a decline in smartphone shipments for the year 2023. The company’s shipments are projected to fall to 250 million units, which is lower than the previously set target of 270 million units. This information has been reported by the Korean media outlet Sisajournal-e.

The reason for the decline in Samsung’s smartphone shipments is primarily attributed to the economic slowdown, along with other factors such as weak consumer demand for low- and mid-priced smartphones. This has resulted in a decrease in Samsung’s shipments.

samsung electronics quarterly sales trend
Image Translated from Korean Source.

The report also indicates that Samsung’s shipments in the first quarter of 2023 are estimated to reach 60 million units, which is nearly 20% lower than the previous year’s 74 million units. While Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series has increased its profitability in the high-end market, the downturn in the mid-to-low-end market has caused a significant drop in sales.

According to a report from TrendForce, it is expected that Samsung’s mobile phone shipments in the first quarter of 2023 will be 61.5 million units, followed by a 10% drop in the second quarter.

This is anticipated to result in a total of 116.5 million units shipped in the first half of the year.

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Samsung’s Smartphone Shipments Might Be Less Than 250 Million Units This Year!

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