Recover your lost photos using Stellar Photo Recovery Software!

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The World national photography day is just around the corner and one aspect of digital life that has permeated almost everything is photos. Photos are all around us. You can see them everywhere. They are visible in your good morning messages, memes you share or the memories you have with your loved ones. Photographs are the essence of the modern digital world and it won’t be too far fetched to say that most people rely on really flimsy solutions in order to keep their photographs safe. Many people rely on cloud backups but the issue with cloud backups is that they can get filled up really easily.

With the advent of modern cameras and ever-increasing picture sizes along with increasing resolution. It has become really hard to find good cloud providers which allow you to store all your images in their full glory. But sometimes the inevitable happens and the photos that you had on your external hard disks, or your computer drive are all gone.

It can happen due to a virus, some computer malfunction, physical hard drive failure or any other major issue. Some times even an untimely windows update can also screw things up really badly.

In such a case it becomes really tough to bring those photos back. With other regular data, it isn’t that important always to get it back fully intact but photos are something which also holds our memories. Sometimes they are more than just a piece of digital data and hence it becomes really important to get them back!

In such a case one tool which can come in really handy is the Stellar Photo recovery. This tool developed by the guys at Stellar is one great tool for recovering photographs lost in various situations.

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stellar photo recovery software features

The salient features of Stellar Photo recovery software are:

  • It can recover images but it isn’t only limited to them. It can recover media files like video and audio as well.
  • It can restore images with their Exif data intact, which means that you would get their filenames as well as timestamp the same as before.
  • The tool also supports recovering RAW image files from Digital cameras like the ones made by Canon, Nikon or Sony.
  • It works with a lot of SD card brands and external storage modules as well.
  • Files can be recovered from popular action cams like GoPro as well.
  • There’s also a pause & resume recovery feature built into the tool.

The good thing about this tool is that there are dedicated Windows as well as Mac versions for this tool.

Common use cases where the tool can come in handy:

Most common cases where this software can recover your lost photos are:

• Accidental deletion of photos or videos from storage media.

• Photo loss due to formatting of drives or fresh OS install.

• Data loss due to the corruption of SD cards or storage device.

How to recover photos using Stellar Photo recovery tool?

It’s also pretty easy to use and the main page gives the user to select what kind of file they wish to recover from Photos, Audio, Video or run a full search for all multimedia files.

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Then there’s also an option to narrow the search by selecting the target location. You can also enable deep scan option in order to do a more thorough scan of all the drives.

There’s also an option to preview the recovered photos in safe mode, it increases the processing time but is very helpful to see all the files being recovered.

The whole subsequent process of recovering the photographs and previewing them is pretty straightforward and easy.

From there one can easily see all the recovered media.

Further one of the really convenient options present in the software is the ability to pause your scans at any particular time.

After this, the user can easily resume from that same point as the software keeps a tree structure with the data of things being retrieved and it can resume from that point easily. This feature can come in really handy when a user wants to stop their scan midway for any reason.

stellar photo recovery software for windows and mac review
Stellar Photo Recovery software can easily be deployed in these data loss situations in order to get the data back!

Stellar Photo recovery pricing and availability

There’s a free trial version of the Stellar Photo recovery tool available which can easily let you scan and preview your deleted photos. But in order to fully utilize this software’s true potential, you need to buy one of the following licenses.

The photo recovery software is available in three variants. The normal Standard edition can only recover photos & videos. It’s available for INR 2499. The professional edition can recover as well as repair photo and music files. It’s available for INR 4999.

Then finally there’s the premium edition of this software which can recover and repair photo and video files and it’s listed at INR 9999.

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All of the above prices are for a yearly subscription for the software. Minor updates would be available for free even after the subscription expires.

Pros of this software are that it’s quite user-friendly, and if you are someone who has to manage a lot of photographs or just want to casually keep your pictures safe then too it would be a great investment for you.

Stellar’s World Photography Day Special sale offer:

On the occasion of World Photography Day, the awesome guys over at Stellar are offering an opportunity to buy this software at almost 40% off pricing. This is a great deal and would only be valid till 19th of August 2019.

stellar photo recovery world photography offer
The discounted pricing in effect right now!

stellar world photography day special sale

So, guys, this was it for this review, would you try this awesome tool on World Photography day? Especially if you can get it for such a lucrative discount! Do let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

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Recover your lost photos using Stellar Photo Recovery Software!

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