Telegram Features and Updates Rolled Out in January 2024

India, 25th January 2024: Telegram, a popular instant messaging app with over 800 million monthly active users, has introduced a range of new and innovative features for its users. These latest additions include One-Time Voice and Video Messages, Pause and Resume Recording, One-Way Last Seen and Read Times, and more.

One-Time Voice and Video Messages:

Telegram now offers a view-once setting for voice and video messages, giving users greater control over their shared media. Once these messages are played, they are automatically deleted, ensuring enhanced privacy and security.

Pause and Resume Recording:

Users can now enjoy increased flexibility when recording voice and video messages. This new feature allows for convenient pausing and resuming of recordings, eliminating the need to start over and providing a seamless experience.

Read Time in Private Chats:

In one-on-one chats, users can now see the exact time their messages are opened, adding a timestamp to enhance communication dynamics. Telegram has also introduced detailed privacy settings, allowing users to configure who can view their read times.

One-Way Last Seen and Read Times:

With a focus on user privacy, Telegram has introduced One-Way Last Seen and Read Times. Users who choose to hide their read time won’t have access to read times from others. Telegram Premium users can further personalize their experience by hiding their read time while still being able to view the read times of users who share this information.

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Private Message Permissions:

Telegram Premium users now have the ability to choose who can send them messages, selecting from options such as Everyone, My Contacts, and Premium Users. This feature adds an extra layer of control over communication, ensuring a tailored messaging experience.

When enabled, users who are not contacts or do not have Premium cannot initiate chats but can respond if the user with enabled settings starts the conversation.

Stay tuned for more exciting features, as Telegram promises additional updates throughout the month.

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Telegram Features and Updates Rolled Out in January 2024

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