Ubuntu 23.10 Unveils Stunning Default Wallpaper featuring Maze-Designed ‘Minotaur’

Canonical has announced the default wallpaper for the upcoming Ubuntu 23.10 release, codenamed “Mantic Minotaur.”

The official release date is set for October 12. Ubuntu’s default wallpapers over the past five years have featured simple designs such as geometric shapes, lines, or concentric circles.

However, starting with Ubuntu 23.10, the focus has shifted towards mythical creatures, resulting in increasingly complex compositions. In keeping with this theme, the new wallpaper incorporates the form of a minotaur, though with a unique twist – the interior is designed as a labyrinth.

The name “Mantic” is derived from the Greek terms “mantikos” and “mantis,” meaning prophetic or divinatory. The Minotaur itself is a legendary creature from Greek mythology, depicted as a half-human, half-bull monster.

A note from the editor: Ubuntu 23.10 is not a long-term support (LTS) version and will receive support for only nine months.

Those prioritizing stability may want to consider staying with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS until the release of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS in April.

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Ubuntu 23.10 Unveils Stunning Default Wallpaper featuring Maze-Designed ‘Minotaur’

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