Vivo Reveals Imaging Chip V3 for 4K Level Post Editing on the Android Platform!

Vivo’s self-developed image chip V3 to take imaging capabilities further on future Vivo smartphones!

On July 23, Jia Jingdong, the vice president of vivo brand and the general manager of brand and product strategy, announced on Weibo that the “vivo image festival” would commence in Xining.

The event will include the launch of vivo’s latest imaging technology, the announcement of the winners of the vivo image plus mobile phone photography competition, and the presentation of awards for the vivo × FIRST ultra-short film competition.

During the “vivo imaging ceremony,” Jia Jingdong disclosed that vivo would unveil its latest self-developed imaging chip, V3. This milestone chip with vivo’s self-developed 6nm process will cover a broader range of shooting scenarios, allowing for significant improvements in post-processing algorithm effects while reducing power consumption.

With the V3 chip, mobile phones can shoot 4K movie portrait videos and perform 4K post-shooting editing functions for the first time on the Android platform.

vivo czech and europe launch

In September 2021, vivo unveiled its first professional imaging chip, V1, which was independently developed and used in the X70 series.

The V1 chip underwent 24 months of development with over 300 people working on R&D. In November 2022, vivo released the second-generation self-developed imaging chip, V2, which significantly upgraded the on-chip memory unit, Al computing unit, and image processing unit.

The V2 chip introduced the FIT dual-core interconnection technology, which established a brand-new high-speed communication mechanism between the self-developed chip and the Dimensity 9200 flagship platform.

This innovation allowed the two chips, with completely different architectures and instruction sets, to complete dual-core interconnection synchronization within 1/100th of a second, enabling optimal coordination and high-speed collaboration of data and computing power.

At present, there is no official announcement regarding the specific parameters of the V3 chip, and we at Inspire2Rise will keep a close watch on further developments.

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Vivo Reveals Imaging Chip V3 for 4K Level Post Editing on the Android Platform!

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