Why Blogging alone sucks big time and what can you do to change it

Blogging alone sucks ;_;  – Blogging is a practice that some do for earning big bucks while some do to get their thoughts out in the open wild. Some people earn fortunes from blogging and some only do it to gain peace of mind. As for me, I do it for both. Peace of mind that I gain by writing down my thoughts and the money that I earn by helping others. This kind of incentive is what makes people like us keep on blogging. With the rise in the number of solopreneurs ( i.e. entrepreneurs who work day and night alone to build something of their own) the trend of blogging alone has started. It’s also a kind of practice which leads to blogging burnout.

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Let me tell you few symptoms and after effects of Blogging alone :

  • They are never seen sharing someone’s else content on any platform. Whether it’s social media or their own websites they are always promoting their own stuff. People don’t like such behavior. Everyone wants to be read, appreciated. By doing this you isolate yourself from the rest of the crowd who is trying to walk the same road, and being alone sucks. Big time.
  • A person who does blogging alone seldom reaches out to other bloggers or webmasters in order to build relationships and expand communication. This leads to a very limited online social circle and in turn it limits the effective reach of the blogger.
  • Blogging alone leads to difficulty in creating an online brand as who would you reach out to and interact with if all that you are doing is posting content on your own website and promoting it shamelessly all across the web.

So how can you benefit by not blogging alone?

Firstly you have to take out the feeling of superiority from your head. Till the time you think nobody can teach you anything you will stay away from them and will never learn anything new. Every single blogger knows something that you don’t and you ought to respect that fact and try and keep learning.

I thought that guest posting on other websites would decrease my exclusivity. But the truth is that the more you reach out to others, the more visible you become. The more people see you published on various places, commenting on various places the more your brand grows.

By guest posting, forum commenting, and basically sharing other people’s content you project yourself as someone who actually wants to be seen and read. This is the best blogging advice that I would ever give to you.

You are reading: Why Blogging alone sucks big time?

The more you give, the more you shall receive.

If you are a fan of The Arabian nights and Hatim Tai like me then there was a riddle which he solved, that’s something that every blogger should follow :

“Neki kar, aur dariya mein daal!”

Which means that do good and forget it! Ain’t that something, don’t forget to like and share and do subscribe for more such updates!

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Why Blogging alone sucks big time and what can you do to change it

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