6 Things that a Swing ride taught me

Last night was a bad one emotionally,  yes I agree I’m not the most positive person around here but still it was quite bad.

To refresh myself, I decided to have an early morning visit to park, and there it was, the wonderfully innocent and joyful Swing, my Guru of the Day. I decided to have a go on it. While on swing , I was reflecting on everything that happened and that’s when that swing taught me something valuable lessons  about life. And now I’m going to share them with you because Hey? I’m a nice guy so here they are, 6 Things that a Swing ride taught me!

Reading now: 5 Things that a Swing ride taught me.

5 Things that a Swing ride taught me: The lessons.

1.) A PERFECT START IS NOT NECESSARY: Yes it is true for your life as well. Like the swing, in life also, we rarely get that perfect start, where someone is behind our backs to give it. But it doesn’t always happen, so what? Starts given by others are good things as they help you reach those heights earlier but they aren’t necessary. You can always start by yourself, just try to move your lazy ass, do some work with your legs and push yourself and voila, you have that start. Maybe a small one, but still at least you have started now. And now when you have started, you can speed up to those heights as well without any push from behind, and from push, let me start my next point.

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2.) PUSH FROM BEHIND ARE ALWAYS GOOD: Well they are really cute (and horrifying sometimes) on a swing, they don’t really look and feel same in real life. But trust me on this, both of them do the same thing, they accelerate you to greater heights. Often when someone push you outta their life, they are helping you make room for better people and things. They try to push you out of their sight because they can’t tolerate you enjoying the swing, because they can’t tolerate you achieving success (people are evil, you know? )
But don’t hate them, they actually help you, because that push helped you touch a little of sky, which is a great thing, lets the karma do the talking. But yeah those push can be nasty sometimes and can lead to….

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3.) FALL: Yes you can fall too. Well life is not all that sugary and sweet that they show in movies (besides Quentin Tarantino’s and Anuraag’s movies surely).
Sometimes the push is so much that you literally fall out, and it hurts, it hurts badly. You may not like to start all over again, you may feel like crying but it is of no use. Trust me on this, personal experience here, the only thing to do now is bandage yourself and start again without thinking about results. You need to enjoy the swing. Nothing bad can happen now because you are already at the lowest point, from where you can only go upwards which tells us that

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4. HIGH AND LOW POINTS ARE PART OF LIFE: From that lowest point, you can go to those highest possible points too. When you are high, everything will look small and cute, when you are low they will look big and bad, but they are same all the time, aren’t they? So you need to be same too in those high and low times. Don’t let the success go over your head or you’ll fall down and don’t let your dreams bite the dust because you can rise again and again and again. Life is full of highs and lows and like a swing, we’ll shuffle between them, we won’t stay at same place for a long time. It may have been your worst day out but the next one can be best too. Just believe in yourself and your abilities, which brings me to the last and most important point.

Reading now: 5 Things that a Swing ride taught me.

I’m an atheist so I don’t believe in god, but even if you do, remember he says the same thing too, you are the one responsible for your life. You can either keep sitting on swing and waste your time, or you can maintain just a low level of swing so you may not fall or you can take risks, move your legs more and achieve greater heights, it’s just your own wish, no one can help you if you don’t help yourself. You are that ultimate bad-ass dude/dudette you wish to be in your life. So trust your abilities, do that handwork and enjoy the swing, both highs and lows of it because they shape your life, it won’t be easy for sure, but it won’t be meaningless too.

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Those swings could’ve been just another stupid memory for me but I made sure that I remember them for life by writing down everything it could teach me. Similarly, a lot of stupid, nonsensical things can teach us a lot about our life and what we’re lacking, you just need to look up to them and keep revisiting them in time of crisis. For me it was those swings, for you , it could be something else, anything, just remember that this world has all the answers to all your problems.

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6 Things that a Swing ride taught me

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