Win10X new details surface online, launch imminent!

Taskbar has been centered and new startup animation also to come soon!

After a year of leaks and months of silence, Windows 10X is finally nearing completion and it’s going to come to ready to be “released to the manufacturer (RTM)” version, which means that it has begun to enter new notebook computers.

Now, some tech publications have showed the new details of Windows 10X for the first time, such as the new start menu. The reason why it is new, first, the taskbar icon is centered by default. In addition to fixed applications, taskbar can also display recently launched applications, similar to Android and iOS phones.

windows 10x latest ui

The other is that the “Start” menu of the new system does not support folders, and the arrangement is similar to the icon page of a tablet computer, which is also in line with its positioning.

Windows 10X also brings a new startup animation, the new Windows Logo is located on the right side of the loading screen.

windows 10 21h1 update tiles changes

Although Microsoft currently considers Windows 10X more important than Windows 10 internally (as it was originally), the new system is only going to come for new computers for the time being, and computers pre-installed with Windows 10X will be available in the summer of 2021 (April to June).

windows 10x taskbar update

In other words, unless you are willing to manually create a bootable image without any company support, you will not be able to deploy the highly anticipated Microsoft operating system on your current devices.

So guys, would you install the Windows 10x system on your machines? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! We for sure would be doing it.

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Win10X new details surface online, launch imminent!

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