YU Yubic Bluetooth Speakers Review and Sound Quality Test

YU the sister company or more appropriately sub-brand of Micromax has recently launched portable Yu Yubic Bluetooth speakers at an affordable price of INR 1,499/-.

The speakers are not yet out for the public but still, we have managed to get our hands on one and reviewed it for our readers. Read on to know more about the Yu Yubic portable Bluetooth speakers.

Design of YU Yubic Bluetooth speakers:

The speaker at first look will leave you dumbfounded! Just a little cube, this power-packed speaker comes with a power on/off button along with a Micro USB cable port to charge it. The design and branding have been kept simple and subtle on the device.

YU YUbic portable bluetooth speakers macro 1

A white cube with a lot of holes, one needs to take extra care of this device from dust, for good performance and durability of the device. The Yu Yubic comes with a little black color pouch that can help you keep the speakers and carry them along too.

Sound quality & connectivity:

The sound quality appears to be decent enough in the first go. The cube starts shaking a little bit when you increase the volume of the song playing to the highest level.

Also, the bass of the device is pretty good for a first-time product by YU. To connect with the speaker, one simply needs to pair their phone Bluetooth with the speaker.

YU YUbic speaker back side macro

Each time the phone connects with the device, the power button will turn blue. If not, then it will blink at a regular interval and prompt you to connect again.

Pros of YU Yubic Bluetooth speakers

The greatest pro of the YU Yubic Bluetooth speakers is the small size and compact form factor that they have. Apart from this another great thing is that it connects with almost any Bluetooth-enabled device with ease.

Apart from this another pro is the small case that comes with the speaker which makes it quite handy and easy to carry and also provides a significant degree of dust protection!

Cons of YU Yubic Bluetooth speakers

The sound coming out from the Yubic speaker is unidirectional i.e. only the holes at the top send the sound out. The perforated sides are just for design aesthetic purposes and serve no actual use. This is one of the cons.

Apart from this another bad thing is that the speakers have a very limited range for Bluetooth signal reception, it only works fine up to the distance of one room that too when in near line of sight or perfect line of sight range.

YU YUbic portable bluetooth speakers

The battery life of the Yubic Bluetooth speaker is also one of its weaknesses as it lasts around 1 hour on maximum volume setting. With low to medium volume settings the battery life increases credibly and it lasts more than 2 hours in such conditions!

Another major con of the Yubic speaker is that if you go out of its limited range then it would try to make up for the loss of signal by forwarding or speeding up the track a little so as to make it in sync with the original stream of data. It really sounds weird whenever this happens!

Pricing and conclusion

For a price of INR 1499 only, the speakers offer decent value for money for people looking for ultra-portable and extremely small handy Bluetooth speakers. But there are many better ones than the Yubic speakers, like those by LG, etc.

So people should invest their money in this solution only if they are looking for ultra portability and good looks. Otherwise, there are always many other options to choose from!

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