16 inch MacBook Pro to not come with AMOLED display!

Recent leaks suggest that we were wrong all along!

We posted in the recent past and there were a lot of rumours which indicated that Apple’s fall event this year would bring in a new 16 inch MacBook Pro. There were also multiple reports which stated that this particular MacBook Pro model will come with an AMOLED display. Previously all the reports stated that Samsung would provide with the AMOLED panels for the upcoming model. But now there’s a more recent leak which indicates that the 16 inch MacBook Pro won’t be coming with an AMOLED display.

16 inch MacBook Pro display details

16 inch macbook pro lcd display

The MacBook will definitely see a major update this time around. All the rumours point towards a 16-inch display but we feel that Apple might be going for a different design as well this time around. There’s some evidence for the same as it has been quite some time since the 2016 design has been pushed around in multiple iterations.

According to a recent report released by the UK market research firm IHS Markit, Apple is planning to launch a MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen in the fall event in September. In terms of specifications, this screen is made of LCD material instead of the previously exposed OLED or Micro-LED. The manufacturer is LG Display of South Korea, and it is not the rumoured Samsung or Apple display. It would have a 3072*1920 px resolution and might be using the same material as current MacBook Pro displays.

So guys what do you think? How many changes do you expect in the upcoming 16 inch MacBook Pro? Do let us know in the comments section below! Personally, we would love to see the 8 core i9 being made standard on this model along with a Vega 20 GPU. But sadly most of Apple’s moves are cash-grab schemes and we might not end up getting what we want!

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16 inch MacBook Pro to not come with AMOLED display!

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