5 Cruel Workplaces that only Tough Laptops can handle

In a world stormed by the sleekest electronic goods in the market, it may seem reasonable to assume that there are few takers for tough or rugged laptops. This assumption is valid to an extent since rugged laptops are quite expensive. Even though rugged laptop costs more, in the long run, they work out to be more reasonable. It is because they are built to withstand any condition – dust, moisture, varying degrees of temperatures. These laptops can also endure a nasty fall, high vibrations and have a pretty long battery life.

panasonic-toughbookIndustrial grade laptops like Panasonic Toughbook are designed for industries or workplaces that are generally outdoors where the terrain is harsh, and conditions are extreme. Here are five such workplaces that only robust laptops can handle.

Military & Defense

Imagine your office cubicle inside a bunker in a highly militarized zone in the world. Well, that’s a typical day of work for thousands of defense personnel’s across the globe.  Security standards and specification of laptops that are to be used by the defense should not only protect it from cyber threat, but the hardware of the machine also has to be robust and reliable.

Living and working conditions in the field are not particularly favorable. Corrosive environment, dust, high shock waves, power interruptions are the usual problems faced. Computers and laptops built for normal offices environment cannot last long in such conditions. That is why military laptop, which is a category of rugged laptops are made by select manufacturers who have the requisite expertise to research and develop these equipments. Military laptops have a very stringent testing module. For instance, the US Army adheres to specifications like MIL-S-901D, MIL-STD-461, etc. to check if the machines fit their standards and expectations.

Logistic & Transportation

Logistic is a very demanding profession that requires keeping a close tab on the company’s inventory, supplies, and procurements.  It’s a very dynamic area of work, and most logisticians are needed to undertake excessive traveling, meet suppliers, visit warehouses and mobilize highly complex tasks. There are also real-time tasks and requires the support of a hardy equipment that is sturdy and durable. To assist logisticians to stay abreast with their challenging job, rugged laptops like the Panasonic Toughbooks are a necessity. Specifically, made to survive the most compelling of situations, these robust laptops can easily withstand rough road journeys, dust inside a warehouse and even the shock waves generated from a forklift.

Here’s our initial impressions video for the Panasonic Toughbook: 

Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare delivery systems are becoming advanced by the day. Today, there are hundreds of mobile application and enterprise application dedicated to healthcare. These apps are designed not just for patients, but also for independent health care practitioners, hospitals, nursing homes and even nurses. There is a growing need for this technologically advanced health delivery software’s to be supported by robust hardware devices. Some rugged laptops and devices befit a clinical environment. These devices are again designed to withstand any traveling and prevent loss of data or information which is an integral component of the health care industry.


Meteorology or the place where the TV’s weather man works (weather station) is a field of work that involves the study of the atmosphere so as to predict the climatic conditions of the world. It is an interdisciplinary field that includes a collective expertise of people from different areas. Often such professionals have to work in extreme weather conditions and even required to chase cyclones, typhoons, and storms to record the intensity. Within meteorology, there are several branches namely – agricultural meteorology, aviation meteorology, hydrometeorology, environmental science, etc.  Irrespective of the field of work, meteorology is a tough area and requires advanced technological support that is long standing, built for the extreme conditions and has a solid hardware.

Construction & Engineering

Construction projects in a busy urban area have their set of challenges. However, if the location of the development is in the fields or under the surface of the earth, one has to be prepared for all kinds of adversity or risk. Engineers spend most of their time out outdoors to keep a tab on the construction task, thus exposing sophisticated electronic devices to dust, vibration due to drilling and extreme hot or cold weather condition. Keeping this scenario in mind, rugged or tough laptops are most suitable for such working condition.

Although, rugged laptops are built for particular industries, in recent times with increased business mobility, there has been a slight increase in the demand of these machines for business and personal use. Rugged laptops are durable, long lasting and are right for the professional areas of work, particularly at times when data theft is real and, businesses heavily rely on data and its collaterals.

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5 Cruel Workplaces that only Tough Laptops can handle

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