ACT Fibernet launches 150 Mbps broadband speed in Delhi

Slow internet is bad. Nobody likes slow internet. Whether it is to stream your favorite movies and TV shows, or to play long sessions of CS: GO, we all want fast internet. Unfortunately, most of the broadband providers don’t provide enough speed for any of that. All the faster plans are too costly for a normal consumer. This has been one of the top reasons why our country still lags so much behind in the speed tests.But the situation is soon to change soon, at least in some homes for sure.

ACT Fibernet, India’s largest non-telco ISP and 3rd largest ISP (internet service provider) has launched 150 Mbps broadband speed in Delhi beginning 1st August 2017. It will revise its existing fixed term broadband plans that will allow customers to enjoy higher speeds at no additional cost.

Basically, you’ll get way more speed than earlier without paying anything extra, Don’t we just love it?

Updated Plans:

Under the retail customer plan umbrella, ACT Bronze will be upgraded to 75 Mbps with 250 GB data transfer (125 GB FUP Up+ 125 GB FUP down), ACT Silver will be upgraded to 75 Mbps speed and 350 GB data transfer (175 GB up + 175 GB down), ACT Gold will be upgraded to 100 Mbps speed with 500 GB data transfer (250 GB up + 250 GB down) and ACT Platinum will be upgraded to 150 Mbps speed with total of 600 GB data transfer (300 GB up + 300 GB down) limit.  All of these plans have been upgraded with higher data and faster speeds at no extra cost.

Likewise, under the SOHO (Small office, home office) plans, ACT Remarkable will be upgraded to 125 Mbps speed with 850 data transfer (425 GB up + 425 GB down), ACT Exceptional will be upgraded to 150 Mbps speed and 1100 GB FUP limit (550 GB up + 550GB down) and ACT Phenomenal will be upgraded to 150 Mbps speed and 1400 GB FUP limit (700 GB up + 700 GB down) at no additional cost.

This is seriously good speed according to me, something that we consumers deserve.

Mr. Bala Malladi, CEO, Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt Ltd has this to say, “In Delhi we have always witnessed an ever growing demand among consumers for high-speed broadband connectivity. Keeping this in mind, we have revised and upgraded our plans to offer better speeds at no additional costs. We provide promised speeds to our customers – so a customer on 150 mbps plan can expect 150 Mbps 24*7,365 days on his connection. We believe this upgrade will further strengthen our presence in the market and help us bring new customers on board”.

To conclude,

Faster internet is a basic requirement these days, and ACT Fibernet is doing a wonderful job in providing that. We can expect similar speed surge from the competitors now that competition has increased here.

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ACT Fibernet launches 150 Mbps broadband speed in Delhi

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