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Every blogger or webmaster who blogs seriously and wants to earn some serious money always turns to Google Adsense as the first income source. But earning from Google Adsense is a tricky job. First of all getting approved is a pain in the you know what. And after that maintaining your site so as to stay compliant to Google Adsense policies is also a difficult job. And if you have done so properly then several issues such as low CPC, less clicks etc. etc. will keep on plaguing you. So, today at Inspire2rise.com we are in a helpful mood and will share the best ad placement tips for you. Follow them and be sure to get some serious boost in your Adsense earnings.

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Ad Placement tips : Firstly, number of Ads.

If you are a complete newbie then only do you need to know about the number of permissible ads on single webpage. Let me repeat it for you. It’s three ad units ( text + images ads ) + 2 link units permissible on any single webpage. If you are a premium Adsense publisher then the rules may differ. But that would require a real long time and serious earnings, so better keep it aside! 😛

ad placement layout for adsense
Ad placement Tips- Site layout with Ads.

Always use your ads interspersed with content of your page. Seeing too many ads at once is a hindrance to user friendly experience. Limit the number of ads visible at one complete page scroll to one. This means that upon one complete scroll by the user give only one ad to view. This will increase the likelihood of getting an increased click through rate. Greater number doesn’t necessarily ensure that you will earn more. Sometimes less is more. Try experimenting with the number of units. Just make sure you don’t make your site look cluttered. White spaces are an important part too!

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Ad Placement tips : Secondly, the ad sizes.

As Adsense too recommends so will we. Ads which look bigger perform better. It’s simple, if it’s big it will catch the reader’s attention. But it should be you to make sure that it is done in a proper manner without looking obtrusive. This is what has been reported to be the best working by most of our fellow bloggers.

  • An ad block – preferably of size 300×250 or 336×280 at the beginning of the content.
  • An ad block in the sidebar. Recommended size = 120×600. ( though 300×250 also works nice in some cases.)
  • Link units at the end of your content as related blocks.
  • A leader board ad preferably 728×90 adjacent to your logo.
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Ad Placement tips : Thirdly, what not to do.

Always, always avoid pop ups. If you use Info-Links or some other similar ad network then make sure that you aren’t serving pop-ups to your visitors. Because nothing, believe me nothing is more annoying to your visitors than pop-up ads. Well some visitors may be more annoyed by Justin Bieber’s songs. But well I hope you got our point.
And avoid camouflaging your ads with images etc. Such an ad placement could lead to immediate ban from Google Adsense.
Never place ads on pages with little or zero content. And we would suggest you to study Adsense ad policies once again in depth.

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Ad Placement tips : Lastly, the new experiments.

adsense best ad placement tips
Try the new aysnchronous code by Adsense – Ad placement tips!

Adsense has just added the option to add asynchronous java script for Adsense ads. This will significantly improve the page loading times. And such a move is better for speed of your site on whole. But when we tried it it caused our caching plugin to give some errors. So try at your own risk! But it will work on most setups with ease.

You can also try reponsive layout for Adsense code, though it’s a bit difficult to implement. You can learn to do so by following this guide by Labnol.org .
Always keep on experimenting with ad units sizes and ad placement. What may work for us or someone else may not work for you. Fine tweaking can lead you to maximize your earning potential. So, share with us what led to increase in your revenues.
After all we all should benefit from each others experiences!
Bring in the comments regarding best ad placement tips according to you!
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