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  1. Very nice tips for better Google ad placement.

    I monetized my blog with Google Adsense, but am receiving few clicks from the visitors.

    Am seriously looking for other sources and will try these tips too.

    Thanks for sharing the useful Adsense stuff for the bloggers, keep doing it.

  2. Hello Aditya,
    Everyone want to be adsense publisher, me too but afraid to apply Adsense cause of it got rejected last time from google. Will you please check my blog and suggest is it ready to apply.
    Thanks in advance bro.

  3. thanks for this Aditya, Ad sense placement is important as you can have better adsense earnings 🙂

  4. The ability of the ads to suit responsive themes really bring adsense to the next level, following the trend and needs to cater better mobile view for increasing number of smartphone users.

    Btw, you could also use heatmap to track which parts of your site receive more clicks that the other parts.

  5. Thanks for these great ad placement tips, it will surely help in improving ad sense revenue for bloggers, so I will try it out and see how it works for me. Thanks again!

  6. thanx man ,i was suffering from this problem ,i have an adsense account but its not helpful due to bad ad placement ,thanx for your advice.

  7. Amazing post, i have been struggling to find the the right combination for ad placement in my blog! I am going to use all your tips and hopefully will get positive results!

  8. Nice tips for increasing adsense earning and for adsense ad placement tips. Really helpful for everyone. If you are looking for job in India then please visit my website!

    1. You can easily do that using a plugin like AdSense inserter using the Float left options. Or if you are comfortable with editing the CSS of your website then you can use the following code:

      You can change the margin and change whether to show on left or right.

  9. Increase AdSense revenue by optimizing the ads and your site. The ad size should also correspond to the placement of your content.

  10. AdSense is a great way to earn some decent income. If your AdSense account is disapprove or you have not satisfied with Google AdSense the you should try some AdSense alternative

  11. I tried various ad integrations and blendings of ads. I tried making the two ads be of different types. I put the page title and introduction in a coloured box with a text ad. The ad had the same background colour as the box. I also tried the popular “wrapping” layout, where the text goes to the right of the ad. These web page layouts all failed.

    In the end, I just put a LR above the title and intro, and another LR below, hoping that two of my trusty LR’s might give me (for example) 70% and 40% of the original CTR, and hence some slight improvement.

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