Adsense account disabled : My story How I got it back!

Adsense account disabled, a nightmare for every blogger out there. If you ever did blog, then you do know about AdSense program for publishers with good content. It allows bloggers and independent content creators to monetize their content with ease. And it also is the best monetization program as far as the CPC and support is concerned. So, it is every blogger and webmaster’s first choice. But its programs, terms and conditions, and the really extra long list of policies makes it too much of a hassle at times. Many people have made a service around getting approved adsense accounts for people. Many people are still getting click bombed. I had my adsense account disabled in the December of 2011. I got it reinstated now. But, I would like to share all the things I did to make the long journey back after approx 1.5 years. So, here’s my story of how I got my AdSense account back.

AdSense account disabled : Part I of my story.

adsense account disabled get account backI was new to blogosphere, had no contacts. Just wanted to make easy money. Had no knowledge about blogging, zero SEO skills. No blogger friends. And wasted a lot of time on Facebook. Well for that part I guess many bloggers still do it!
So, I started here at on Dec 7 2011. Everything was nice. I had  AdSense, earnings were coming up. And then, before any big magic could happen, I was click bombed.

Everything came crashing. I realized that blogging ain’t that easy. This incidence pushed me into a no blogging mode for a month or so. I thought it’s not my cup of cake. But I believed that to get a direction and use my writing skills and waste time in a nice manner blogging would would be the best.So, I didn’t gave up on blogging.

AdSense account disabled : Part II of my story.

adsense account disabled how i got it back
AdSense account disabled : Reinstatement mail!

So the focus increased. I started reading other blogger’s blogs. Read Shoutmeloud, Techmaish, Labnol, Mashable daily. Mind my words : Daily regularly for 3 months. Then I started getting some grasp over SEO and content optimization. Wrote some stellar articles, came on the first page of Google and Bing for many queries. But still I had no fixed online income. Till now too I haven’t earned any great or considerable amount online. I earn from Logo designing and few other services I provide.
But I didn’t loose hope. I kept writing my heart out.
Filled the re-appeal form for adsense after every two months. If you are a blogger, and you feel like you are going through the worst phase of your journey. Then do try to fathom the depths of my despair.
And then yesterday, I got a mail saying AdSense had been reinstated! Here’s a screenshot.

Them feels, some of my blogger friends know it! So, the next time you have your adsense account disabled, don’t just quit. Take up your game to the next level. Don’t just quit and sit back, and watch your blogging journey get in the dumps.

If you know that deep within you are a blogger. A true writer with a penchant to share something with this world.
Just remember what Rocky Balboa said,

“It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward!”

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Aditya Nath Jha is an Engineer from New Delhi, India. His areas of interest include Gadgets, WordPress, speed optimization & latest technology. When he is not busy blogging he loves to write poetry, compose his own songs and has a taste for music! Find him on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Instagram. And watch his videos on YouTube.

Adsense account disabled : My story How I got it back!

86 thoughts on “Adsense account disabled : My story How I got it back!”

  1. Congrats Aditya! I know this journey can get frustrating at times but if you persist like hell, good things will happen for you.

    Study, regroup, act on your new knowledge. You took the necessary steps to succeed, and hey, here you are with Google Adsense set up again.

    To your abundance dude!

  2. Thank you for alerting Aditya. I know these kind of click bombings are active but didn’t know that those really targeting Asian bloggers. Happy to know that you got your Adsense account back.

    • To be on the safer side I would recommend that you work well for 6 months and build a decent value and following for your blog, and then apply for AdSense. This will ensure that you will be easily approved for the Google Adsense service.

  3. Every step in the making of my AdSense account was very satisfying…But when it got disabled, I was shook badly…they say getting the same account enabled the very next time is quite risky….Glad to find someone who could enable his account (y)

  4. My Adsense account just got disabled today (I received the dreaded email). It looks like I was click-bombed, as there was a huge spike in recent activity. I was in the process of re-launching my site as well, so this is extremely disheartening. It does state in the email that you can appeal, but once denied, you can’t re-appeal. So it looks like its a one-shot deal with the appeal process. Can you please give advice as to how to go about writing the appeal, perhaps even give an example letter as to what you had written? I really don’t want to screw up this up.

      • Never mind. After placing a lot of effort into making the appeal letter – which consisted of an apology, citing were exactly the traffic was coming from, and the actions and changes to my site I made to prevent this sort of thing from ever happening… I got the dreaded rejection letter, about 8 hours afterwards. Needles to say, I was completely devastated, as I was about to start a YouTube channel and eventually become a partner. But then I came across Rae Hoffman’s (AKA Sugarrae) post “Affiliate Marketing vs Adsense”, in which she referred to Adsense being “Webmasters Welfare” lol, I’ve decided to change the direction of my site. I say, FU$*K Adsense!

        Here is the link to the article, if anyone is interested:
        http: //i2r dot in/1ccfSUt

  5. Thanks Dear Aditya for sharing such helpful informative article. I just got my adsense account disabled because of Invalid Activity. I just have replied to Appeal Form and adsense team replied with “We have reviewed your appeal form and decided that your account will not be re-instated.”

    Getting frustrated yar, i worked to hard to develop blog with good unique contents and maintaining the best optimization too.
    Please help me out!

    Thanks again!
    ram at hoursource dot in

  6. Hey brother just read the whole post and really got inspired by it, you are a rising star, well i have a small query did they mentioned any kind of violation in the email you got from them, as my adsense recently got disabled and i tried to appeal and they rejected it, so could you provide some help onto this.

  7. I was really inspired and motivated by your post. I was recently got disable with my AdSense and my life went crashing it is like my dream crashed or something. I get to sad and depress sometimes thinking about it. I tried appealing it but it did not reply to me back. it has been a week now since the appeal and it is killing me inside. I just started to join the adsense not even a month and few weeks later a got the horrible message. How did you end up getting your account back because I sure am that I would not give up getting my account back and proving to them that the invalid activity is not by me. Please help me. thanks so much

    • There are others like Nishant Sethi from TechnoKick who got his account back by following our guide. It’s simple as it gets, just show them the real data, all data and info you have and share with them traffic logs, IPs anything and everything you have.
      And above all keep re-appealing, I got reinstated when I had re-appealed for the 18th time, and I did it for 18 months. That’s painful. But once you think you have spent enough time on the AdSense program leave it then and there, because you can focus that time on earning from Affiliate marketing, selling your own product or doing CPA. Google AdSense is not the end of money making online.

      • how long usually did it take when you message them did it take like a week for them to reply to you every time you made an appeal?

  8. Every time you re appeal how long usually it takes them to reply back? Also every reply to you they say that they are not going to reinstate your account? I might re appeal again after a month of appealing because I have not heard back from them since. And will that be okay doing that?

    Thanks again. You are awesome

  9. hello every one, i can’t able to open my adsense account because disable my account, how can i reopen, plz help me….
    advanced thanks…

    • Ramu bro if your account has been disabled then you need to understand that you need to reappeal against this, you would have received a mail from Google. Check it to know how to reappeal and find the reappeal form.
      I hope it helps you!

  10. I also got my adsense account the back but not by undermining I went instruments inventions problems with check form and then spoke with adsense support representatives who examined the bill and returned it to the appeal form usually does not work !!

  11. Great article but I would like to ask – Did you answer “YES” on the appeal form that says Have you ever violated Google adsense terms and policies. What did you answer there. Thank you.

      • Sir,
        my adsense acoount is disabled because I clicked my ads. I filled appeal form but from there it is denied .

        Please suggest me how to fill the form.

        • Razi brother you should not have clicked on your own ads in the first place. I guess the best bet for you would be to work on a new site afresh and make a separate gmail account with no details matching from the previous one and then after a month or so apply for AdSense account for that domain!

  12. I’ve just sent my appeal form off. my website was hacked many years ago and i could not get it back. the hacker ruined everything and my adsense was disabled. I’m hoping they will let me have my adsense back now that the domain has become available again. been waiting 2 years for this opportunity. great article to read. really helped me with the link for the appeal to google. thanks so much.

  13. My AdSense account has been disabled. I think the reason for the ban was the referral from adtiger tk, a spam site, which I discovered in Google Analytics. Please help me to get my AdSense account reinstated.

  14. my Google adsense account disable how resole the problem i did not click my won add and imps but my account is disable please need full

  15. Hii bro

    Me and my bro using adsens acount in same ip adress but he has different acount with diferent home address

    Is it safe for us or not ?

    Please reply broo

  16. Hello Brother! i worked on adsense two months. i bought 2 accounts of adsense. and work hard with normally range but mine accounts closed from 28 may 2016, please help me if u can open it please i am requesting to .

  17. Hey bro i am a blogger . I was stopped doing ex after finalize my account earning , and i have real traffic for daily too (referral and organic) , daily 2k visitors after 10 days finalize of earning , my account disabled but i hope they may give my account back as i have daily traffic from all country . the reason of disable was mentioned by google “invalid activity” . Now i appealed a form too . Here you told something about ip and traffic logs i didnt get that can u say me what type of data i have to tell them to get back and how many time they will take for solve this problem ?
    plz send quickly its mine 6 months using adsense and still no made payments

  18. Google will never ban while i never verify my address and when i verify my address after that google ban my adsense. 2 month finalized earning and third month when i verify address than google ban my adsense. Same traffic all the time. I don’t understand why they ban when all ok…… Now Sir please tell me how i appeal

    Thanks in advance

  19. Been trying to get back on for close to two years. I am about to give up. Thanks for the inspiring story. I was doing very well with my comic strip’s blog before getting booted for suspicious clicks. So unfair. 🙁

  20. My adsense account has been disabled automatically.. And i didn’t get any warning from adsense.. I just got a finally email that my account disabled due to invalid activity.. And i appeal to get it back.. But i didn’t get back mu adsense account.. Can you please tell me how will i get my adsense account back..?

  21. Hello Sir, My account has been disabled too within 1 week..actually i have a blog & an app..the query is i’m going to create another one with every changes..btw i have been self promoting my app since that time.. have not submitted to play store if I keep the same name only for my app, would it be risky..plz help me..THANK YOU.

  22. Hello Sir,
    This is just a superb blog I ever read, I would like to appreciate your work. This is not issue currently but I catch your blog when finding Inspiration post and got this. You are really doing amazing work, Can I contribute to this blog if you like, I have also a blog shoutervilla . com where I’m currently a blogger. You can check that blogs if you thing. I will write a great content according to your website categories. I am looking for your further response. Thank You Sir.

  23. Nath, my Adsense account was recently disabled due to Invalid Activity. I appealed but it’s now 4 days haven’t gotten any reply from the Google Adsense team. What could this really mean, am i being considered or my application is still in review?

  24. OK thanks for the response. One more question, can I use Double click for publisher if my Adsense account is disabled? Am I allowed to join the DFP

  25. Hi, I realise this is an old post but I’ve found myself in a weird situation.

    I applied for an adsense account but was denied due to not having enough content. Then when clicking through my blogs editing page I noticed that on the Earnings tab it said my account had been disabled. The thing is I didn’t have an account as it was rejected, and I have never had an account before!

    It allowed me to resubmit my application so I’ve done that and I’m hoping this was just a glitch. Has anyone else ever experienced this? How can they disable an account that was never made active with no previously banned accounts associated with it?

    I’m going to wait to see what they come back with but any advice on appealing if I end up having to go that way would be appreciated! Thanks

  26. hello bro, my adsense account also got disabled recently due to policy violation, they said that my sites may have copyrighted material of which i may need legal rights before publishing. But in reality i did not have any copyrighted content and my adsense account was working fine from last 6years with regular monthly payments. I appealed on 21th feb 2018 but did not receive any confirmation email that my appeal is submitted successfully.

    Is it normal to not receive confirmation email? i am waiting for the reply but untill now nothing happens please guide

  27. please check my website and bitter experience with Google.
    unknownstories-in-world dot blogspot dot com/2018/06/history-of-google dot html

  28. Well i want to know more about that if get disable from Adsense can we apply for that site for new email or not i apply for it after two days but I didn’t get id don’t know would you like to suggest me how can I get this account or how to get Adsense in the same site which is Adsense just disable.

  29. You have told your story but have not talked about how you did it ? what was the process ? as you have mentioned in the title “how i got it back” i wanted to know how ? if you are saying that you just reinstated it through filling appealing form , then it is also the same way everyone use ? but how you succeed ?

    My adsense account was disabled without any reason , my case totally rare, google is doing total injustice with me , i waited for 8 months to youtube to enable my monetisation , and youtube enabled in on 28th june 2018 BUT on the next my adsense got disabled , and i wonder it got disabled in first attempt itself , i did nothing wrong , all my hardwork gone in vain.

    i filled appeal form several times but never got the positive response , i also doubt that i am getting manually reviewed or not ? google and youtube are very unfare in this.

  30. hi sir,
    i make a big mistake after my account got disabled, i created 2 more adsense account after my account got disabled.
    now, if i appeal to adsense to reinstate my account, will i face any problem?

    i am very inspired from you(-:


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