Google panda update is coming – DIY guide to PANDA-PROOF your website

For the uninitiated let me tell you that Google Panda algorithm acts like a content quality filter. If you have nicely written content with fresh periodic updates then everything’s fine. But if your website has a foundation on optimized/professional SEO but has thin content, then you are on the top of the sufferer’s list.
Matt Cutts from Google has made the announcement that Google’s Panda algorithm’s refresh is on its way.  It may be either tomorrow ( 15th March ) or on upcoming Monday ( 18th March).
Close to 7 weeks have passed since Google’s Panda Algorithm was refreshed (v24).

google panda update is coming

You witness an unexpected surge in traffic just before the days of algorithm update. Many webmasters have reported experiencing this around the time of Google Penguin update too. They all witness an unusually high traffic spike which may last for weeks or even months. And then as soon as the algorithm is implemented it all comes crashing down.  Causes for such surges vary from less but over the top optimized content, to having UN-natural back links. Many a people who are a part of or use a link network are also among the ones targeted.

Hiring unethical SEO experts may lead to such cases. So always double check on the agency/person whom you are hiring for SEO optimizing your website.

The greatest symptom of being hit by Google Panda update is that traffic goes in a free fall, especially organic search based traffic.

google panda update -diy guide

So now you know that the Panda is out there and he’s coming to get you. So, let me tell you some essential DIY tips so as to safeguard your website from Google Panda Update.

  • Top 5 steps to take to safeguard your website  from Google Panda update:-

1.) Remove all visible and non-visible errors from your website.

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Anything which hampers user experience is a serious let-down according to Google and other search engines and may instantly lead to bad rankings. Remove broken links. Use this tool.
Speed up load times. Check for other blogging mistakes. Make a user friendly navigation system and don’t forget to leave white space. It’s easy on the eyes.

2.) Write rich and unique content.

Writing rich content daily is just another fad. But a weekly update is essential from your visitor’s point of view. If it’s not possible for you to write nice unique content, then you can hire “Content writers“. They are available all over the internet. Just a single search would lead you to them.

3.) Build trust and focus on authority links.

google panda update link authority

You can only build the trust of your user base if you are willing to provide them with content that actually solves their problems, rather than leading them in circles. And the best way to build authority links is to ask your self these questions :

“Will someone genuinely like this article so much so as to bookmark and share it?”
“Does my reader really needs to read this or not ?
“Is this information good enough to stand its own against the already available flood of information on Internet?”

Once you have proper answers to the above questions, then you will automatically see authoritative sites linking back to your content. Trust me, it works.

4.) Don’t rely only on Organic traffic and new visitors.

If you only rely on organic traffic and have no open social connections, then it’s time you rethink your strategy. Build interaction with your old visitors, it will decrease your bounce rate and make them loyal to your site.

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5.) Keep advertising and affiliate marketing in check.

If your website is solely for the purpose of money making and you care little about solving readers problems, then believe me Google panda update will hit you the hardest. Too much do followed affiliate marketing links would initially decrease your clout. And further it increases chances of being hit by Algorithm update.

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Below is a summarized list of previous Google Panda updates :

  1. Update no. 24 done on January 22, 2013.
  2. Update no. 23 done on December 21, 2012.
  3. Update no. 22 done on 21st November.
  4. Update no. 21 done on 5th November.
  5. Google panda update 3.9.2 on 18th September.
  6. Google’s Panda update 3.9.1 on 20th August.
  7. Google’s Panda update 3.9 on 24th July.
  8. Google’s Panda update 3.8 on 25th June.
  9. Google’s Panda update 3.7 on 9th June.
  10. Google’s Panda update 3.6 on 27th April.
  11. Google’s Panda update 3.5 on 19th April.
  12. Google’s Panda update 3.4 on 23rd March.
  13. Google’s Panda update 3.3 on 26th February.
  14. Google’s Panda update 3.2 on 15th January.
  15. Google’s Panda update 3.1 on 18th November.
  16. Google’s Panda update 2.5.3 on 19/20th October.
  17. Google’s Panda update 2.5.2 on 13th October.
  18. Google’s Panda update 2.5.1 on 9th October.
  19. Google Panda update 2.5 on 28th September.
  20. Google’s Panda update 2.4 in August.
  21. Google’s Panda update 2.3 around 22nd July.
  22. Google’s Panda update 2.2 around 18th June.
  23. Google’s Panda update 2.1 around 9th May.
  24. Google’s Panda update 2.0 around 11th April.
  25. Google Panda update 1.0 on 24th February.
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And do remember, the sole purpose of Google Panda updates is to make you a better blogger, a better webmaster. And to make you a better contributor to the e-world!

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Aditya Nath Jha is an Engineer from New Delhi, India. His areas of interest include Gadgets, WordPress, speed optimization & latest technology. When he is not busy blogging he loves to write poetry, compose his own songs and has a taste for music! Find him on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Instagram. And watch his videos on YouTube.

Google panda update is coming – DIY guide to PANDA-PROOF your website

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  1. I am getting huge amount of visitors now a days and 70% of the visitors are form google is my site is affected by google ?

      • Thanks for your reply pal,

        few day before this update don’t know why my site is facing very huge amount of loss in visitors but from last week I am getting very high amount of visitors. However, 70% of the vistors are from search results and thats why i don’t think that my site is affected by panda but let see for next 2 weeks. fingure crossed


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