Amazon Prime Video to Introduce Ads in 2024, Ad-Free Option at Additional $2.99

In a recent announcement on their official website, Amazon revealed that Prime Video will begin featuring ads in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada starting in early 2024.

The company plans to further expand this feature to France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and Australia at a later date.   Despite the introduction of ads, Amazon has confirmed that there will be no change to the current Prime membership prices for the upcoming year.

Additionally, the company will offer an ad-free option for Prime members in the United States for an extra $2.99 per month (approximately INR 248 or 22 yuan).

The cost for other regions will be communicated at a later time. It is important to note that even with the ad-free option, live event content, such as sports games, will still include ads.

As it stands, Amazon Prime members currently pay $14.99 per month (about INR 1243 or 109 yuan) to access the Prime Video service.

Alternatively, they can opt to pay $8.99 per month (around INR 745 or 66 yuan) to subscribe to the service separately.

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Deepanker Verma is a well-known technology blogger and gadget reviewer based in India. He has been writing about Tech for over a decade.

Amazon Prime Video to Introduce Ads in 2024, Ad-Free Option at Additional $2.99

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