AMD Navi XT and Navi Pro graphics cards coming soon!

Is this team Red’s answer to the RTX 2060/2070?

Computex is underway in Taipei, Taiwan and AMD is supposed to launch some new hardware pretty soon. A lot of people are waiting with bated breath for the Ryzen 3rd gen series. Personally, we too are excited about the new CPU lineup. But recent news suggests that AMD is also going to launch a few new GPUs and they might come with really hard hitting performance! They will be the AMD Navi XT and the Navi Pro!

Till now at the Computex 2019, AMD has shown up as a major player. People expect them to officially release the next-generation Ryzen CPU and the new Navi-architecture graphics card at the pre-launch conference. There’s still no official word from AMD but AMD card veteran supplier Sapphire revealed in an interview that the new AMD card will directly target the RTX 2060 and RTX 2070.

AMD Navi XT and Navi Pro performance and details

According to breaking news, AMD CEO will announce the Navi XT, which will be equivalent to RTX 2070, and Navi Pro, which surpasses the RTX 2060 in raw performance. The Navi VII will continue to maintain the position of the contemporary A-class flagship card.

amd navi lineup leaked

The two new cards still don’t have real-time ray tracing support. At this time, the energy consumption reduction brought by the 7nm process will compete with the Nvidia cards. But the price of the Navi XT and Navi Pro may not be as cost-effective as before. The Navi XT might retail for $499 and the AMD Navi Pro for $399. This will effectively put it above the budget price segment and more in the mid-range.

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AMD’s Computex 2019 keynote will be held next Monday where we would be able to verify the authenticity of the statement given by the Sapphire official. However, as an OEM that has been working together with AMD for so long, this kind of news is presented by officials is generally correct, and not fake!

The official launch time of AMD Navi XT and Navi Pro is July 7 this year. There is more than sufficient time for NVIDIA to adjust its product positioning strategy and prepare for price cuts in order to further consolidate its market position!

So guys what do you think would AMD win the GPU wars this year? Would the Navi XT and Navi Pro offer enough performance at a price in order to lure the consumers away from the Team Green? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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AMD Navi XT and Navi Pro graphics cards coming soon!

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