Google Android Q to support wide colour gamut images!

Finally better colour science comes to Android phones!

According to a message issued by Google developers starting from Android Q, wide colour gamut pictures will be supported fully on Android.

According to the article, Android has now ushered in a new round of image innovation. Since each colour channel of sRGB has only 8 bits, the standard sRGB colour gamut cannot fully reflect the advantages of the latest technology of the screen and camera. Android has been working hard to achieve end-to-end support for wide colour gamut images. For example, rendering more data and a wider colour gamut. This means that users can finally capture the rich colours of the real scene, watch and share the wide gamut picture with friends on their phone itself.

The Google post questioned why should they support the wide colour gamut? In fact, the reasoning is that the screen and camera sensors of mobile devices are being updated every year, and more and more new models will be equipped with calibration display panels. Some of which will also provide wide colour gamut support. Modern camera sensors capture colours outside the sRGB range and then generate wide gamut images. The dual upgrade of the screen and sensor will give the user an end-to-end photography experience, allowing them to capture the real world in more vivid colours than possible right now.

Technically, this means that the image that the application needs to process is different from before. The ICC profile embedded in the image will no longer use the sRGB colour space. But instead, use other richer formats such as Display P3 and Adobe RGB. For consumers, the wide colour gamut can make photos look more realistic and enhance their overall smartphone experience.

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Android Q will definitely support Display P3 and Adobe RGB, and other formats are also expected to be supported. Of course, this means that developers would also need to update their applications in order to get the most out of this situation.

So guys what do you think? Would this really be a game-changing feature for Android? Would enough users care about the updated colours on the new Android Q system? Do let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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Google Android Q to support wide colour gamut images!

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