Apple iPhone 15, 15 Pro Models Support Upto 4.5W Output and 27W Charging

The latest reports from news sources, including Macotakara, indicate that the maximum charging power of the latest iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro series models is identical to that of their predecessors, clocking in at a cap of 27W (9V/3A).

However, the real talking point here is the adjustment in the output capacity of the freshly introduced USB-C port.

As opposed to the outgoing Lightning port, which was only capable of delivering a meager 300 mW (3.3V/100mA) of power, the new USB-C port ups the ante considerably, boasting an impressive 4.5W (5V/0.8A) of maximum output power.

This significant enhancement bodes well for the ecosystem of iPhone accessories, as it ensures that compatible peripherals will enjoy richer functionality and receive commendable levels of power support from the iPhone itself.

iphone 15 series usb c charging

It’s worth mentioning that Apple first alluded to this feature in their recent keynote address, explicitly stating that users would be able to juice up their AirPods or Apple Watch via the handy USB-C port found on the latest iPhone offerings.

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Apple iPhone 15, 15 Pro Models Support Upto 4.5W Output and 27W Charging

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