Realme UI 5.0 Limited Testing: Experience the Future on Realme GT2 Pro and Realme GT Neo 5 Mobile Phones

The realme UI administrator made an announcement in the realme official community on September 15th, revealing that the realme GT2 Pro and realme GT Neo 5 models will be released between September 18th and September 24th with the latest realme UI 5.0 system update.

realme ui update notice translated

It was mentioned that both models would employ a “limited trial” format, which means that Realme GT Neo 5 users who wish to experience realme UI 5.0 must not update their current realme UI 4.0 version, slated for release next week, lest they miss out on the opportunity to upgrade altogether.

Moreover, certain models will receive the realme UI 4.0 version update in the coming days.

A summary of these models includes:

  • Realme GT Neo5
  • Realme GT Neo3
  • Realme GT Neo2
  • Realme GT Neo 5G
  • Realme GT Neo Flash Edition
  • Realme GT Neo2T
  • Realme Q5 Pro
  • Realme Q3 Pro 5G

Additionally, the Realme software director took to Weibo to tease the arrival of realme UI 5.0, emphasizing its focus on system optimization and performance enhancement.

realme ui 5 translated image

He also shared system screenshots, confirming that realme UI 5.0 will be built upon the Android 14 framework, although further crucial details remain under wraps for now.

Before this, a number of YouTubers had already shared interfaces and demonstrations of the beta version of realme UI 5.0.

As an illustration, Tech YouTuber TechDot showcased a video highlighting various functions offered by realme UI 5.0, such as battery health display, intelligent charging control, and more.

Editor’s Note: All of these images were of posts in Chinese which we have translated to English for the convenience of our Readers.

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Realme UI 5.0 Limited Testing: Experience the Future on Realme GT2 Pro and Realme GT Neo 5 Mobile Phones

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