ARM Mali D77 DPU released, to support realistic AR and VR!

Better VR experiences aren’t far away!

Recently, Arm, a world-renowned semiconductor intellectual property supplier, is launching its Mali-D77 display processor for the next-generation VR headset. Nandan Nayampally, Arm’s vice president of customer business, said in a blog post that the new processor can help eliminate vertigo generated by the VR headset.

The main feature of the Mali-D77 is that it can drop specific computing functions from the graphics processing unit (GPU) to the display processing unit (DPU) for higher quality visuals and eliminate vertigo, releasing more GPU cycles and associated system bandwidth.

Arm’s new VR acceleration for the Mali-D77 is what makes it stand out from the market for many display processors. For example, moving a particular operation from the GPU to the DPU can result in higher quality visuals while eliminating dizziness, freeing up more GPU load and associated system bandwidth. Other key enhancements to the Mali-D77 include:

1. Lens Distortion Correction (LDC): Pre-distort the image to offset the effect of the lens, so that the image seen through all VR headset lenses can be displayed correctly without distortion.

arm mali d77 features

The D77 is also capable of correcting several optical characteristics of a VR lens, such as the pincushion effect. It can be programmed using the features of the HMD system and can correct distortion by applying an inverse effect (barrel distortion in this case) to compensate for distortion on the lens.

2. Chromatic Aberration Correction (CAC): Separate the colour plates in the opposite direction to resist the blurring effect caused by the VR headgear lens.

arm mali d77 dpu features

3. Asynchronous Timewarp (ATW): According to the position of the user’s latest head and headgear in the 3D stereo space, the virtual scene is translated and re-projected.

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arm mali d77 dpu timewarp

So guys what do you think? Would this product change portable VR headsets for better or not? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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ARM Mali D77 DPU released, to support realistic AR and VR!

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