Android smart TV manufacturers will popularize AV1 decoding!

AV1 video codec to gaing more support from TV manufacturers soon!

The decoding of smart TVs is expected to reach a new level with future hardware updates.

In the latest public Android TV guide, Google requires all Android 10 system TVs to support AV1 video decoding, of course, provided that the chipset meets the requirements. It is said that Sony has accepted the recommendation.

The AV1 video format comes from the Open Media Alliance (AOM) led by Google and others, and was born in June 2018. Open source and royalty-free are not its sole advantages over H.265. But it also provides a higher compression rate than H.265/264/VP9 under the same image quality, which means that it can transmit higher definition image quality under the same bandwidth. .

At present, the AV1 format has been universally supported by the industry. In terms of hardware, Intel Tiger Lake 11th generation Core (Xe Graphics), AMD RX 6000 series are supported, and the MediaTek Dimensity 1000 series/TV chip MT9602 and RTX 30 series and mobile variants for that are also supported.

Software vendors include Microsoft (Windows 10), Google (Chrome), Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Cisco, ARM, Mozilla, Netfix, Tencent, iQiyi, etc. 

While the H.265 codec emphasizes high-definition quality, which is a statically packaged commercial media format. Online playback on the other hand relies on pre-loading, and if the network is unstable, it will freeze.
AV1 is a live dynamic stream, which emphasizes the stable output and intelligent error correction of the picture-even if the bit rate is unstable. It tries to ensure the complete display of the picture-even if the signal is unstable when watching TV, the picture will be blurred, deformed, and might have lower details. But with AV1 it will still continue playing without any lag etc.

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Android smart TV manufacturers will popularize AV1 decoding!

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