A new smartphone journey, #Choosetostart with new Moto E


This is a short story about my first smart phone, which phone it was and how I got it. So, first of all starting with who I am, I am Ashwani Kumar Singh and I blog at www.iocreed.com and have just appeared for B. Tech final exams, so I am an Engineer now. 😛

But, I have spent 4 years in college and still this phone is my first smart phone??

Yes, this is totally correct. Though I have spent 4 years in college and 2 years of tech blogging but still I didn’t had a Smart phone till now.

Although I didn’t have a smart phone but still being a tech blogger I have used many phones till date which obviously came for review.

So even after using so many smart phones why didn’t I moved to a smart phone?

The one and only reason why I didn’t moved to a smart phone is that I have seen students in my college as well as people around me that they are always into their smart phones and thus they have quite less productivity. I saw people having smart phones playing games on it and chatting with others but then when asked about their work, they complain of having a busy schedule and that they had N number of other important tasks to do. (Oh yeah, playing games and chatting are the most important tasks 😛 )

Thus keeping in mind the above mentioned issue I never thought of sporting a smart phone. But now due to my friend Aditya Nath Jha insisting me to keep a smart phone, I decided to give it a try and hope that my productivity does not goes down and that the phone helps me in increasing my productivity rather than decreasing it (as Aditya has promised that he will help me in choosing apps that help in increasing productivity.)

Moto E2 smart phone up close shot

Now talking about the phone I got, the Moto E (2nd Gen) 3G is a great device at the price it is provided, in fact the best one at this price range with 1.2 GHz quad core Snap Dragon 200 SoC processor and the best part is that it has a nice GPU in it, the Adreno 302 (yesssss, I love playing games, especially on PC, though I would try not to play too many games on this so that I do not find myself complaining about time 😛 )

The back camera is also great with 5 MP shooter and with a decent front VGA camera also.

The best thing about the phone is that it runs on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop and is also future ready since it might get the Android M update too.
The phone has 1 GB of RAM, so I am sure that no apps will lag on it and will run smoothly. Besides this the 8 GB internal memory is more than enough for a first time smart phone user like me. And if I feel, late on that I need more space then I also have the option to expand the memory by using a micro SD Card of up to 32 GB. 😀

Also one of the things I thought I would be missing if I move from a basic phone to a smart phone was the battery backup, but considering the 2390 mAh battery, it seems like the phone will go on for long with fully charged battery.

I am looking forward to using my first smart phone, I’ll try and give a much better review of the phone after I have used it for some time.

And I would like to thank my friend Aditya who insisted me on using a smart phone and also provided one for me and that too for free. Thank You bro (buddy) 🙂

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