Making the Case: Why Your Smartphone needs a case

A common question for new smartphone owners is whether or not to place their devices in a case, and the best advice is “absolutely”. Cases can protect a smartphone from falls as well as significant wear and tear, and can have a range of other direct and indirect benefits for the user as well. You can read more about iiNets sim only mobile phone plans on their new site, find a handset that suits you & a plan to match.

Screen Protection

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Most people think of the protection a case offers the finish of a phone when they consider a phone case, but a quality phone case can provide protection for the screen as well. When a broken screen turns a high-end device into an expensive dust collector, protecting it becomes extremely important, and many smartphone cases are specifically designed to provide protection for the screen in case of impact or shock as well as environmental scratches and other damage.


A smartphone case is also an opportunity to give your phone added utility or make using it more convenient. A common example of a functional smartphone case adds a small kickstand for display in portrait or landscape mode to make watching videos more like the traditional experience. Other functional smartphone cases feature an internal battery to provide the device a charge while on the go. Smartphone cases allow users to do more with their devices, and when considered with the protective benefits, it’s hard to argue against the merits of a quality smartphone case.


Another benefit of personalizing your phone with a smartphone case is easy identification. The modern smartphone profile has made devices nearly impossible to tell apart in their stock forms, and adding a distinctive case is the easiest way to help instantly identify your phone anywhere as well as showcase your personal style.


The expansion of the smartphone resale market is another great reason to keep your phone in as good a condition as possible. With the cycle of introduction for new devices growing shorter than ever, late model phones can often command hundreds on the retail market, but only in nearly pristine condition. Even the fine scuffs and scratches that make up normal wear and tear on an unprotected device can slash its retail value, and a smartphone case ensures your phone is worth as much as possible for as long as possible.

Although some may complain about the added bulk and non-showroom appearance of a smartphone in a mobile case, but the number of benefits it provides far outweigh the negative aspects. A modern smartphone typically represents a significant investment, and protecting your investments as much as possible is never a bad idea.

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Making the Case: Why Your Smartphone needs a case

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