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Apple is the daddy of smartphone companies around the world at the current moment. The US based tech giant manufactures some of the finest gadgets which are both too good looking and too pricey in front of their competitors. But if you’re an iPhone user then you must have downloaded tons of apps on your device. But even if you didn’t then worry not, We here at Inspire2rise will tell you The 10 must have apps for your iPhone and iPad. (Though it’s impossible to contain yourself for a mere 10!)

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So install these 10 must have apps for your iPhone and iPad now and have some fun-

1. Facebook
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I need not tell you much about the social networking giant. We all know and love our Facebook very much. This automatically makes Facebook a must have app for your device. The app itself is neatly designed and very stable, at least more than its android counterpart, the individuality of the app makes your experience even more enjoyable. Download it here (link on icon).

2. Pocket
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(formerly Read It Later)
Stumbled upon a good article but don’t have time to read it? Just Pocket it..
Pocket is an useful app, especially if you like to read on internet. It can save any Web page from any browsee in one place and neatly sync them. And best thing is, it’s free. Download it here (link on icon).

3. Twitter
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The official Twitter app for iOS. Though not as feature rich as those secondary apps, there is a thing about these official apps that make them special. It features web browser like features and also makes it easier to view photos and videos from app itself. A must have app for your Apple device. Download it here (link on icon).

4. Evernote
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The best note taking app on both iOS and Android and also one of the first. Evernote is a must-have if you’re a freelancer like me. Even if you aren’t, it’s absolutely useful. The app makes it easier to note things. You can create separate notebooks for different things. Record your notes and can even take pictures from app itself. Download it here (link on icon).

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5. Comics
comics app ios 8 icon

If you are a Comic books lover then this is the must have app for you. Though not such good experience on iPad but there ain’t any better Comic reader for iPhones. The app and a no of comics are free for you but you can get all of them for a minimal fee. Download it here (link on icon).

6. TuneIn Radio
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Who doesn’t love music? And radio shall remain the best way to find new music till eternity. But what if we tell you that you can listen to over 50,000 radio stations from around the world whenever you want on a single app? That’s what TuneIn Radio do. And that’s what make it so special. Do we even need to tell you much on this? Install it and experience the magic. Download it here (link on icon).

7. Find My iPhone
find my iphone ios 8 icon

iPhone is costly, way too costly. So it’s okay to be a little paranoid about it. So what should you do? Just download this wonderful app called Find my iPhone and save yourself from a phone theft and a heartbreak. This app works on all apple devices released after 2010. Download it here (link on icon).


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8. BBC iPlayer
bbc iplayer ios 8 icon

BBC iPlayer will soon become your favourite app and rightly so. The TV catch up do just what the doctor ordered and gives you a pleasurable experience. Catching up with your favorite shows is easier now. You can watch even 1 month old content anytime you want. Archived content can be seen later. But a little problem with the app, after installing it, you won’t sleep on time ever again. Download it here (link on icon).

9. SoundCloud
soundcloud ios 8 icon

Personally, SoundCloud is my favorite app. It lets me listen to the music from around the world from even the most obscure bands and singers. You can discover music, make playlist and even create and upload your own music from within the app. A must have for all the music enthusiasts out there. (And we have a trick for you about how to download music from it) Download it here (link on icon).

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10. Instagram
instagram ios8 icon

If you weren’t living under a rock in a underground cave then you must at least have heard the name of the photo sharing network called Instagram. Even if you don’t know much, you can read my article about it here.
Okay now on app, the app is wonderful. Even if you leave the social networking out then too the camera itself is wonderful for clicking pictures and using filters. You will just fall in love with it. Download it here (link on icon).

So that’s it. 10 must-have apps for your iOS. But tbh, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many apps that writing about them become impossible. So start with these 10 and tell us about more wonderful ones in the comments.

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