Do we actually need to know What is Trending?

Constantly thinking and analyzing on this particular word ‘TREND’, arouse a question, do we actually need to know what is trending? Or what people are following? Or what I need to follow?
Well, answer to that question is, a YES. Something which is trending, is something which most of the people are following. This means something is being liked by many people. Hence to be with the stream, updated and not to be considered as an “Alien” and obsolete one needs to know what is ‘hot in the pot’. Mostly we see trends in Fashion Industry, tech gadgets like mobile phones, tablets or PCs, business sector or, market watch and in few more fields but that doesn’t mean trends are restricted to these limited names. Trends are in social media, blogging, news and politics as well. So knowing the trends will not only make you count in the herd of asses, but also will prove to be a source of great information. What are the top searches on the search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing? What are the most talked topics on social media like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest? Such things will not only update you but will also make you explore the world.

What is Trending? Does it really matter!

what is trending graphs and trends
What is trending – Just random data all day long.

Now you might wonder if we always need to know the trends, or if we always need to know the trends in every field.
The answer to this is that we need not to know about trends in every field, but, where we need, we need to know always, because to be a trendsetter you must know what is trending.
Sometimes watching the trends refrain you to see the world out of the box. There are certain things that people love to do or have, in spite of the fact that they don’t fall under the trends. By constantly living in trends, you may lose your own identity. But at times knowing the happenings around us proves much helpful for setting our own standards. It’s you who decide, to be among the all or to be above the all.

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Not just about the identity but about the choices too. There is no compulsion, but a choice. You are free to make your own choices and free to follow either yourself or, the trends. The choice to lead a new trend or the choice to opt the trending ones.

To be in the race, to remain in the competition of surviving and moving ahead of the world you need to know the trends, but, of the field you are working on. As said, to win the game, you have to remain in the game. So to rise above the level, you need to be careful about what to follow and what not to. Following the trend may not always lead you to heaven maybe this time HELL is in fashion. Trends, follow or not, you are to decide to be a trendsetter or a follower.

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– This is a guest post by Piyush Aseeja, who blogs at Abhivyanjana.

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Do we actually need to know What is Trending?

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