Is Samsung Galaxy S5 a worthy upgrade?

Is Samsung Galaxy S5 a subtle choice and a worthy upgrade? The Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched at the MWC via a dedicated launch program

to unpack the Galaxy S5. Samsung was under lots of pressure this time to come up with something innovative and not just boost the specs. Galaxy S5 launch has triggered multiple responses majority of them voicing their displeasure over the design of the device. Samsung Galaxy S5 online price was recently reported to be around Rs 45,500. Let’s literally unpack the features of Galaxy S5.

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samsung galaxy s5 launch

 Samsung Galaxy S5 detailed breakdown.

The Good – Samsung didn’t repack the S4 and called it a Galaxy S5 they have given considerable thoughts to the ergonomics and the innovation front as well. The Camera unit is splendid oozing of new features like the swift auto focus and contrast focusing.

The Bad – The textured rear panel has irked many people. The touch UI is complicated and might not be welcomed by the normal user. The 2GB RAM doesn’t look good on the spec sheet though it’s sufficient in flesh.

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Build & Design.

Buyers expected something drastically different with the Galaxy S5 but they were treated with a remodeled S2. The front looks unmistakably Samsung with no new elements of surprise. Galaxy S5 has the usual set of two capacitive and a physical menu button which doubles up as a fingerprint scanner (so iPhonish!) The rear panel has a crater like texture which reminded me of my Crocs footwear. Camera lens has been tapered with square chrome and the flash has a new neighbor the Heart rate sensor which measures your heart rate once you rest your fingertips on it for 3 seconds. The device has minimal gaps in between the housing panels owing to the fact that its IP

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Screening it.

Galaxy S5 has the same display outlay as its younger siblings. The screen is set to deliver 1080p of excellence. The AMOLED display has been further tweaked for dim light which means that the screen brightness can be set to an all-time low letting people use the phones in darkness without any issues of glares.  The viewing angles are excellent with minimum reflection from the screen.

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Samsung has incorporated the 2.5GHz Qualcomm 800 processor along with a 2GB RAM as opposed to the 3GB RAM in the purportedly leaked specs. The Adreno 330 GPU renders the graphics relentlessly with no frame drops. Multitasking is a pleasant affair in Galaxy S5 owing to the Qualcomm 800 which has a better architecture than the other SoC.

samsung galaxy s5 exynos chipset
Samsung galaxy s5 will also come with octa core exynos chipset in some markets!

The Eyes

The Samsung Galaxy S5 houses a 16 MP sensor as the primary camera and a 2 MP snapper as a secondary camera. The camera app has been heavily improvised with the camera UI and the additional features it offers.  Samsung claims that S5 has the fastest auto focus mechanism which focuses well within 1/3 of a second which is like 50% faster than the other phone in this category. The live HDR feature is going to find a place in many people heart as the actual pictures on the view finder will be preprocessed instead of post processing after capturing the photographs. This feature lets users capture the pictures without worrying about the nightmarish effects of post processing. The selective focus not only lets you focus an object you desire but it also gives you an option to blur the surroundings thus enhancing the camera experience. Secondary camera is great and with a resolution of 2 MP it can pretty much manage your frequent Skype usage and selfies.

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The Verdict- Samsung has attained folklore status in the smartphone market. Galaxy S5 would have sold even if it was repacked in a new box. The crux of the matter is that people have deposed Samsung as the most trusted smartphone manufacture next to Apple. Galaxy S5 packs enough grunt to take on the competition and it definitely has more potential than its sibling. The updated camera, processor, design and the handful of extra sensors justify the upgrade. The rear panel does look a tad too odd but the grip it offers is excellent as compared to the shiny and silky smooth Samsung family.

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Is Samsung Galaxy S5 a worthy upgrade?

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  1. Not a worthy upgrade imho….But…Since i already have a 5s…so i wud like to make a duo out of it by getting the S5…. 5s + S5 = FTW!


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