Facebook cover photos – series 2

Facebook cover photos collection is back at Inspire2rise.com. And this time our focus is motivational and inspirational cover pictures.

Facebook cover photos – Series 2 of I2R collection.

Facebook cover photos bruce lee
Bruce Lee was a real legend. And this is one of his greatest teachings.


Bruce Lee – Because “Knowing isn’t enough you must apply.”

And “Willing isn’t enough you must do.” The Training is nothing, will is everything!

facebook cover photos bruce lee
This picture is for the Ultra- ready, always on guys.

This one is for those who want to greet their profile visitors with ultra speed. Well, just kidding on that one. Facebook cover photos like these are difficult to find.
Especially because we are always busy making them at our hamster labs at Inspire2rise.com. 

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Inspire2rise facebook cover photos
Never underestimate anyone.

So never ever feel that you are a know all. Because someone out there knows something you always skipped.

facebook cover photos inspirational
This one is for the haters present in all of our lives.

Never ever belittle anyone. Everyone is capable of something great. And this picture from our Facebook cover photos collection emphasizes just this very fact.

Motivational facebook cover photos
“Never give up. Ever”

Even though you may be the last one standing. But this picture from our Facebook cover photos collection is for you to learn from.

Things will go bad. I know they will. Maybe today or someday else. But you gotta stay strong and just keep up the fight!

facebook cover photos swag
Hahahahaa! This cover pic is a ridicule of the Swag culture that is so on the rise today.

Lol! We fucked up. Seriously!

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Facebook cover photos – series 2

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